Heart Card with Necklace

Necklace Gift Card with Window

I love the excitement around Valentine’s Day, especially in a classroom full of kids. They’re not only eager to give out their Valentine’s cards and candy, but receiving is equally as enjoyable. Those were great memories as a kid, but the best part is that those cherished memories never have to end just because we’re all grown up. This makes a great gift for coworkers at the office who could use a little loving friendship too. Personalize your washer necklace with the perfect sentiment for friends you hold near and dear.





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5 thoughts on “Heart Card with Necklace

  • Sharon V Rausch

    I like this very much and also thnak you for making it easy by putting ithe info. like you use to do in all the projects. Could you do this for all of the collections and other item you create for us. It would make life so much easier for me and some others. Thank you.

  • Sharon V Rausch

    What I mean is the files, information on how to and what other info. to make the item in a list not thru the discription of the item. Thank you again.

  • Victoria Kee

    This is a great idea for a cute and inexpensive gift. However, if the recipient is going to wear this creation, be sure that there is no nickel content in it. Jewelry was taken off of the market due to nickel content. I am wondering if we coated it with enamel or plastic, if it would be safer then?