Beautiful Paper Bracelets Made From Scraps

Paper Jewelry Bracelet Flower FlatPaper Jewelry BraceletsI wanted to create gifts for a group of my closest friends. I knew that they would love something they could wear, and wanted my creation to fit each of their unique personalities. With that in mind, I created paper bracelets. This was a great way to take advantage of scraps from my favorite paper lines, and those extra bits of vinyl, ribbon and rhinestones I had floating around my crafting space. What a great way to create a gift that is themed for a specific event or party, or maybe just to match their new favorite outfit!

The bracelet bases are made of stencil plastic for durability. I created an intricate, realistic-looking flower bracelet and several simpler styles. Full instructions for the bracelets can be found in the PDF below.



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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Paper Bracelets Made From Scraps

  • Sara Foreman

    These are beautiful but I don’t understand the cutting file for the flowers.

    Do the layers need to be seperated before cutting?

    The red flower looks like there are lines in the flowers – do we cut “as is” when we send it to our cutters?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Tatum Post author

    Hi Sara,
    All of the layers will need to be seperated before cutting them. Yes, the petals to the red rose have kiss cut lines in them (cut as is). They look great inked or chalked!