‘Joy of Summer’ Two-Page Scrapbook Layout with Flip Photos

Joy of Summer 2 Page Scrapbook Layout with  Flip Photos

Memorial Day weekend in the United States means the beginning of Summer here. (Sorry to our Australian friends, who are just heading in to Winter!) Coats are put away for the next few months, gardens are planted, and barbecues are planned. It is time to welcome summer! Whether you are still scrapbooking the last season, or busy preparing for the warm months ahead you can use this layout to quickly get your photos into your album.

The vertical photos are actually flaps that hold two photos each. The title speech bubble also lifts up to reveal a spot for journaling. To use these interactive features with a page protector, simply cut a slit in your page protector and slip the first layer through the slit so it is easily accessible.  With the lift up features you can fit seven photos on this two-page layout.


Joy of Summer 2 Page Scrapbook Layout with Flip Photo Details


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10 thoughts on “‘Joy of Summer’ Two-Page Scrapbook Layout with Flip Photos

  • Linda Weisholz

    Love the idea of adding as much photos without making it look too cluttered. Actually, by my count, I can mount 10 photos on this two page layout if I want getting the same effect.

  • Adeline Brill

    What an absolutely delightful layout! Inspires me to start taking pictures now! Thank you!

  • michellep Post author

    Very true Linda! If you add photos to the back sides of the flip up pieces that is 9. You could also cut out a speech bubble shaped picture and use that in place of the journaling and make it 10!
    Thank you for the nice compliments ladies!

  • Sheri Corwonski

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! This is going to make an AWESOME layout for the books I am making right now for my Odyssey of the Mind team ….it won’t say Joy of Summer….It will say, Traverse City, MI – State Finals ….but there was plenty of beach to see in between all the competing. Thanks for Sharing!

  • catherine norman

    thanks Michelle what a great page design with a few picture, word changes i can use it for any season