Inspiration Vue™ Pre-Order Information


Introducing the Inspiration Vue™.  The powerful creative cutter you know and love, with sleek new upgrades and in fresh trendy colors!  With the release of the Inspiration Vue we bring you patent-pending precision print and cut, brand new Mac and Windows compatible InVue design software, enhanced mat feeding and stability, and even more cutting power. All of this at a reduced price. The Inspiration Vue is a DIY crafter’s dream.

We’ve answered a few of your burning questions in our FAQ post but we know you are excited and want every detail. Keep reading to the bottom of this post for details on a pre-launch party Monday March 10.

Precision Print And Cut

The Inspiration Vue features a new optical eye to make Print And Cut projects easy and accurate. Our revolutionary new system scans the actual page to determine cutting placement. It is not necessary to use registration marks, thus reducing paper waste. Registration marks can be turned on for enhanced accuracy, or for those who prefer registration marks. The result is accurate cuts around images you have printed on your home computer.

Mac and Windows Compatible Software

The new InVue design software will be shipped in the box with the Inspiration Vue machine. You’ll find several fun features within the software suited for Print and Cut designs such as a slider to set color transparency, and transparent PNG importing. The InVue software will allow you to open SVG or WPC files directly onto your page and then save them directly to a SVG or PVG (Pazzles file type) file. One of the most exciting features of the InVue software is that it will be fully integrated with the Pazzles Craft Room so it will be easy to access your downloaded files. Initially the InVue software will be available with the machine, but it will be available for purchase as a stand alone product as well. The InVue  software will work with both the original Inspiration and the Inspiration Vue. Watch for more details coming soon. We will also be selling Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 software soon. Studio Pro 2014 is for Inspiration and Inspiration Vue users who want to take their design skills to an advanced level.

Pre-Order the Inspiration Vue March 10

Pre-orders will begin Monday March 10 at noon MDT. At that time we will open pre-orders in the Pazzles online store. The pre-order option requires a $50 non-refundable deposit towards the purchase of your machine. This will hold your place in line and we will ship according to the order in which we receive your deposit. When pre-ordering, you will be asked to select either an outright purchase at $399.00 with two free months of Pazzles Craft Room, or a Craft Room subscription commitment of 24 months with $99 down, or a 12 month commitment with $199 down. A Craft Room membership is $19.95 a month. You will receive an email confirmation once you have paid the $50 deposit letting you know your machine is held.  When the machines arrive in our warehouse we will notify you and send instructions to complete your purchase.

Those who are under a current subscription commitment may buy the Inspiration Vue outright, or wait until their current commitment is fulfilled before selecting the commitment option. We will not be combining new subscription commitments with the remaining months left on a previous commitment.

Wholesale and retail representatives should contact Camilla directly for details on pre-orders for resale. She can be reached at

Craft Room Loyalty Special

Craft Room members are VIP’s at Pazzles. For a limited time Pazzles Craft Room Members will be able to purchase the machine outright at a 15% discount. Complete the pre-order process as described above and select the outright purchase option. Your 15% discount will be applied on your final purchase.

Warranty and Support

The Inspiration Vue comes with a 1 year non-transferable warranty on parts and labor and 1 year of free technical support. As always, Craft Room members get unlimited free technical support.

International Ordering

We are happy to ship overseas, however international shipping charges will apply. We estimate $100-$150 shipping depending on destination. Additional customs and duties fees may apply. We have distributors in Australia, Germany, and South Africa which can reduce the cost of shipping to you. Please see our International Store Locator page for contact information for these retailers.

Pre-Order Launch Party

Now that we’ve covered all the details, it’s time for the fun.  Join us Monday March 10 at 9 am MDT for a pre-order launch party as we countdown to purchase time. Join us in the member chat area for games, fun and prizes. Check the blog Monday morning for more details.





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29 thoughts on “Inspiration Vue™ Pre-Order Information

  • melin

    WOW Thank you for the great information! Love that Pazzles is offering different purchasing options! Can’t wait for the launch party!!! How exciting!

  • sweetaline

    Oh my – It must be Christmas! no? my birthday? no… my anniversary? It is a ‘Celebrate Life’ gift and it will be mine!!

  • angeland

    Not nice doing this on a work day. 🙂 I have no machine now and want to get in ASAP ordering but shopping sites are blocked at work. What about people who have Charter memberships in the craftroom? Will we have to up our monthly payment to 19.95 to be able to get in on the $99?

  • michellep Post author

    If you have a charter Craft Room membership you will need to pay the $19.95 a month while you are under contract for the new machine. Once your commitment is fulfilled call the office and we can reset your account to a charter membership.

  • meheidie

    WOO HOO!! What a fabulous machine in fabulous colors too!! I am so stoked. Can’t wait for the party on Monday!

  • sboeglin

    Will you have them at the Scrapbook Expo, Anaheim, 3/20-22? If so, can I buy and take it with me or are they pre-order only and until when?

  • shelissarodriguez

    So excited about the red one since I am redoing my craft room this is right on time.

  • lesliescraps

    So is the new InVue software not as advanced as the Pro 2014 will be? I’m all for the advance components of my 2010 software and would be excited to see even more great features in the ISP software. But I am also very curious about the new software. I’m such a computer nerd, I may just end up with both of them, lol. I love the fact that the new software will have the ability to import transparent PNG’s. That’s going to be a huge benefit. Love the colors too! Great job Pazzles!

  • julie1

    When the machine scans the image, is it creating cutting lines, or do you create the cutting lines in the software prior to the scan?

  • lexy61451

    So let me clarify my understanding as a charter member. I can get a 15% discount by buying it outright, costing me $339.15. OR, I can pay 19.95 per mo. for 2 years, which is $7.00 more than the charter member fee I am currently paying, until the end of the contract commitment. This would make the machine $7×24 mo. plus $99, for a total of $267 for the machine. OR, I can pay 19.95 per mo. for one year, at $7 more than my charter membership. This would make the machine $7×12 mo. plus $199, for a total of $283. If this is correct, it would seem the best deal would be the 2 year contract. As a charter club member, why not just sell it outright for the best value of $267. If we have been members this long, it is pretty unlikely that we will be quitting when there is a new machine to use all the goodies on. Just sayin’… 🙂

  • craftyshirl

    Will this be available in the UK If so will we also get the same great deals? Please say yes

  • hotpaws

    Lexi another way to figure it is for Charter Members to commit for 2 yr contract at higher rate of 19.95:

    craftroom 15% DISC outright price: 339.15 + charter member price of 12.95 x 24 (310.80) for 2 years = 649.95 can cancel at any time

    199.00 + 1yr @19.95 x 12(239.40)+ 1yr @ 12.95(155.40) for 2 years = 593.80

    99.00 + 2yrs @19.95(478.80) for 2 years = 577.80

    If you are willing to stay on contract for 2 years additionally anyway you will save 71.20 for 2 years or 36.07 per year. then go back to your charter membership in 2 years/year 2016

    So yes the 99.00 + 2yr contract is better savings if you are willing to stay on for an additional 2 years! I do not think they are going to sell it to us for the 267.00 though….but that would be easier than having to change our memberships back and forth. So I totally agree with you that Charter members should get it for 267.00 plus agreement to stay on for additional 2 years at 12.95 a month and nothing needs to be changed back two years from now. SueR

  • michellep Post author

    sboeglin-The machines will still be in pre-order status during the Anaheim Expo.

  • michellep Post author

    We will be releasing a list of software features for both the InVue software the Studio Pro 2014 which should help clarify your question. The InVue software is more than just a basic program. It has some cool features not available in the Studio Pro software. I love that it is integrated with the Craft Room gallery and we’ve added features specifically for Print And Cut. Studio Pro will still offer some features that InVue does not have.

  • michellep Post author

    Julie 1-
    You will need to create the cutting lines in the software. The machine is not scanning the actual images on the paper.

  • scrappingklo

    I will not have machines at Anaheim, but you can order then or you can order here online on March 10.

  • tarjteachr

    I am currently a Craft Room Member. If I order my Purple Vue for $99 do you just automatically make my current membership a 2 yr contract or will I have to cancel my current membership? Am I making ANY sense at all? LOL


  • michellep Post author

    Katie-You will need to cancel your current membership before purchasing a machine with the $99 24 month commitment. That being said, your new Craft Room account will not be activated until you finalize your purchase, so don’t cancel your current membership until you get notification that the machines are ready to ship and you finalize your purchase.

  • erblee

    When you say that the Pro 2014 software is compatible with the old Inspiration, will that mean that it will work with the old inspiration as well as it would the new vue minus the optical eye print and cut stuff or is it a dumbed down version of software for the older machine?

    It is hard to justify the newer machine when it seems that most of the upgrades are more cosmetic than not, but software, great software can sell anything, except when it isn’t included.

    I do love my Inspiration, just hoping that the software upgrade will be affordable and worth the shipping to HI.

  • tabithar

    Hi Klo, just curious as to the machine noise. When it is cutting, is the machine still loud? So excited with all the new updates.

  • cherylbaez

    Wondering if we will need to have both the Studio Pro 2014 and the new InVue software to take advantages of all the feature on our current inspirations or the new InVue if we choose to purchase it! If I choose to only upgrade my software will it be compatible with my Mac? That would so be a major plus for me! Do you have a release date on the software comparison and on the Studio Pro 2014 software?

  • cherylbaez

    Oh, I’ve had a difficult time with cutting thick chipboard. Will the new Inspiration Vue handle it better?

  • kerobbymom

    I am so torn. I just purchased a Pazzles at Christmas for a gift. Figured it was a way to give a great gift because I will always be a craft room member, but now I wish I didn’t. I don’t know if I should or could wait the 2 years, or buy it outright. I would like to at least wait to ask Santa for it, but the 15% is only for a limited time. Excited and bummed at the same time

  • sue5blue

    Hi I bought a pazzles and every accessory available including the design CD’s. I was using scal because I have a mac. So now that the new software will be available for mac(which I am thrilled about) along with the other features like print and cut, I need to know if those CDs will work with the new software. Because they didn’t work with scal on mac. I definitely will buy a new machine but just curious about the CDs.

  • leslie

    I’m very excited and have a million questions. But I will wait until the party on Monday! Thanks for creating a better Pazzles.

  • scrappingklo

    Sue, You will be able to use all of those CD’s with your new software that works on your Mac. It will open WPC’s

    Tabithar, I haven’t heard the sound, but I imagine it will be very close to the same as it is now. To help buffer the sound, be sure it is on a sturdy surface and you can even put those foamy mats (they use is cupboards) to help.

    Cheryl, I know it seems it is mostly cosmetic, but with the addition of the optical eye (which is going to make print and cut so easy) the pull out try (so your mat stays flatter), the notches to help hold the mat steady, plus there are changes inside that we won’t see, but that will give us better results, it is going to be great….of course, the cosmetic changes are awesome, so we can have color choices…*grin As for the software, that will truly be a personal choice, but since you have the Mac, the InVue is going to be the software that is compatible for you. The 2014 is still just for the PC.

    I hope I didn’t miss any questions..if I did be sure and join us on Monday at the Launch Party.