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On Wednesday we announced that a new Pazzles Creative Cutter is coming. We are thrilled at your excitement for the new Inspiration Vue™ and cannot wait until we can begin shipping them to your homes. We’ve noticed a few recurring questions on our blog and on our Facebook page, and so we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s to address some of your questions. We will be releasing more information in the coming weeks, but for now here are the answers to a few of your burning questions.

Q:What is Print And Cut?

A: Print and Cut is a method for creating your own printed embellishments. Customers can print clip art from the web (or clipart they’ve designed themselves) on their home printer and then place it on the Inspiration Vue™ mat and cut around the clipart image. You can create Print and Cut images with our current Inspiration, however the Inspiration Vue™ features a new optical eye that streamlines the process and will give you precision cuts every time.

Q: What is an optical eye?

A: The optical eye is a new sensor that allows the Inspiration Vue™ to align the cutting instructions with the print on the paper.

Q:What is the price on the Inspiration Vue™?

A: The MSRP on the Inspiration Vue™ is $399.

Q:Will customers be able to purchase the Inspiration Vue™ at a reduced price with a Craft Room Subscription commitment?

A: Yes. We will be offering the $99 (with a 24 month commitment) and $199 (with a 12 month commitment) specials. A few of the details will change, but you will be able to purchase the Inspiration Vue™ at a low upfront cost.

Q:Are all of the existing Inspiration Tools compatible with the Inspiration Vue™?

A: Yes. All of your Inspiration tools will still work in the new Inspiration Vue™. The Inspiration Vue™ will fit inside of the Inspiration carry bag as well.

Q: What are the new colors of the Inspiration Vue™?

A: You’ve seen a sneak peak of the blue color that will be available in the photo above. There will be three additional colors available. We will be releasing those colors shortly and customers will have the option to choose which color they would like to purchase.

Q:Will the new Mac compatible software be available for the original Inspiration?

A:Yes. The new Mac compatible software will be available for the older machine as well. We are working on the distribution details for the software and will let you know when it is available.

Q:When will a video be available showing the new machine in action?

A: Soon. Keep watching the blog for details and sneak peaks.

Q: If I purchased an original Inspiration with the Craft Room subscription and I am still under commitment, can I purchase an Inspiration Vue™?

A: Until your commitment is fulfilled, you will be billed for the Craft Room. The Craft Room will be the same no matter which Inspiration Creative Cutter you own. If you would like to purchase a new Inspiration Vue™ while under commitment on an original Inspiration you will need to either 1) purchase the Vue™ outright or 2) sign up for a subscription payment on the Vue™ and pay both the original Inspiration and the Vue™ subscription each month. Please call in and speak with Customer Service if you have specific questions on how this will work.

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30 thoughts on “Inspiration Vue™ FAQ

  • auntie marg

    ok I know you are just trying to torcher me by not telling me the colors yet….hahahaha! I’m very excited.

  • judyb

    ok…..where do I send the money….Your MSRP is dirt cheap! (and yes, I know you aren’t taking preorders yet, I’m just getting in line.

    I love your product and was hoping that you would introduce a machine with an optical eye.. Thank you very much………..

  • irishgal

    Hi Michelle, thanks so much for all the above info. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new Pazzles can do. Do you know yet what the shipping costs would be to the North of Ireland or if there will be a UK stockist? Thanks in advance.

    Michelle xx

  • sboeglin

    I know Margie wants smurple purple 😉 but I am hoping for a dark red/cranberry 🙂 sign me up please!

  • irgenius

    Oh I do want to know the colors… Deep dark purple or yeah a deep rich red… Mmmm the possibilities.. Oh this means I will have to get a new one oh phooy.. I am just so giddy… LOL

  • sweetaline

    Ok – the Pazzles Craft Room monthly commitment is worth approximately the price of 5 Starbucks Venti Latte drinks -….mmm SO well worth it though!

  • jr8dionne

    I can’t wait to have this new Pazzles vue, however, I just bought my Pazzles in September, can I be able to exchanged it with the new one? I’m a member of the pazzles craft room and making payments every month for the membership.

  • lesliescraps

    Oh my!! Two hundred bucks reduction in price. That’s phenomenal! And I’m joining the ranks of those wanting a deep red. Ya know. Roll Tide and all. Paz, you’re da bomb!

  • pegbat

    Do have a question…. if we use the craft room membership option for purchase on preorder, does our membership begin right away even though it does not ship right away? It would be nice to get started with the classes and other info on this machine from the beginning. Just wondering?

  • erblee

    Will this machine have a greater range of file types it can cut without vectorization? Or will it be another software purchase upgrade type thing? I would love to be able to cut all of these SVG cut files I have without so much hassle.

  • miztaken

    …yellow… and can I buy it on the next trip to the USA, with the power option for Australia? Oh, please, please, please…

  • sleelar21

    Thanks for the update and info. Can’t wait to read more about it and order one myself. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • jrwaits2

    I just purchased mine in November 2013 and this makes me sick. My two biggest complaints about my inspiration is…no optic eye and my 24″ mat hanging over my table. The Vue addresses both of those issues. I also want to know if there would be any trade in value for my inspiration.

  • dotart

    I think that you have to find a way to make “update” our old pazzles inspiration to the NEW one pazzles inspiration vue at a good cost!!!

  • weatherwax

    will the reduced price and craftroom subscription offer be available to UK customers. i do hope so.

  • miztaken

    Well: ORANGE is a great substitute for yellow… now, do I “need” the Inspiration Vue or the Mac compatible Inspiration Pro (which does NOT come in orange).
    Decisions…. decisions…

  • michellep Post author

    Just to clarify mistaken- The Inspiration Pro 2014 software is not Mac compatible. The InVue software that I shipped with the machine is Mac compatible. SO buy the orange machine and get the Mac compatible software with it.

  • misskahill

    I have 2 questions that haven’t been answered… First is what is the volume level of the machine. The mini and Inspiration were rather loud compared to the pro, and I wondered where this one falls.

    Question 2, as a charter member of the club without a current commitment, do I qualify for the 99 by committing to 2 more years?

  • michellep Post author

    The Inspiration Vue is comparable to the original Inspiration as far as volume.
    In regards to your charter membership you are eligible for the $99 subscription. However, your Craft Room subscription commitment will be at the $19.95. You will need to cancel your charter membership prior to finalizing your purchase of the new Inspiration Vue. Once you have fulfilled your subscription commitment if you call in to customer service we will reinstate the charter member pricing. Do not cancel your charter membership until you receive the email stating that the machines are ready to ship, so that you don’t miss out on any of the Craft Room fun in the man time.

  • julie_anne

    Great idea being able to do print and cut, and also having it available in new colours, at least if you have 2 machines you won’t mistake them LOL.
    I have 2 pazzle machines already, so, guess I’ll have to get in line for a while 🙂
    hmmmm, might go decorate one in purple.


  • maryq

    If i already have the inspiration and want to upgrade to the new machine, my understanding is that I can purchase the new one and keep paying for the old subscription? correct? that means I still have about a year of membership correct? and then I can keep paying after that on a monthly basis?

  • karina

    Can someone explain the differences between the Inspiration Vue and the new Cricut Explorer that was just day viewed.
    Thank you

  • mfenn

    when will you start shipping the machine? at the slc expo i think you thought abt 6 weeks. is this right?

  • rtdarke

    Karina…did you get an answer. I have been looking also. I know with the explore you HAVE to be on the internet.. I do like that the explore write and cuts at same time. Not sure if vue does. But I ordered the Vue as the inspiration I have is the best cutter I’ve owned.

  • michellep Post author

    We are anticipating Inspiration Vue shipping to begin early July, but because the machines are still in transit and have to clear customs, we do not have an exact date. If you have pre-ordered watch for an email to finish your transaction and you will be notified when your machine is ready to be shipped.