Pattern: All Occasion Invitations

All Occasion Invitations Project Pattern.

As a paper crafter I love to make beautiful detailed invitations for special occasions, but the reality is I often don’t have time to make multiples of an invitation that takes so much time. Today’s Project Pattern is meant to help us all whip up a set of cool simple invites the next time an occasion arises. I’ve created invitations for 10 different occasions that you can mix and match the pieces to.

These invites have slits along the side. To assemble, attach the pick icon to a paper straw or skewer and slide it into the slits.


Download Project Files:

Download the InVue Project File for All Occassion Invitations

InVue Installation Instructions:

  • Click on the button above to download the InVue project file.
  • Open InVue and go to File->Open File.
  • Browse to your download folder, select the file you downloaded, and click Open.
  • When the Project Extraction window opens click the Extract button.
The project pattern is now installed! To use the project pattern select File>Open Project. You will now see All Occassion Invitations as one of your project options.

Inspiration Studio and Other Third Party Software
Download the WPC, SVG and AI Files for All Occassion Invitations

While this project is designed specifically for use with InVue you can still use these designs with Inspiration Studio and other applications that support WPC, SVG, or AI type files. To use with these applications download the project from the button above. You can then open the file as you usually would and you will see all of the pieces displayed on the page. You will need to drag the pieces you would like to use into place.

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