Puppy Love

Puppy Love Layout

I am generally a person that likes to have many photos on my pages, but once in awhile you capture a photo that deserves it’s own special page. This is one of those photos.

Willow hadn’t been feeling well and had been sick off and on with a fever for about 10 days. She had been sleeping and trying to get better and her puppy was generally close by. Puddy has always liked Willow, but they weren’t always close. Anyway, in recent weeks they have gotten to be better friends and as you can see, it has really grown into a special love. Willow calls Puddy her ‘puppy brother’ and it is nice to see them loving each other and Puddy taking care of Willow while she gets better.

Puppy Love Layout

Using the Pen Tool and Pen Spacer is such a great way to do a title that needs a sub-title to really capture the essence of a photo. It is subtle, but really adds to your layout or even a card or other project.

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October Afternoon
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