Holiday Traditions Scrapbook Layout

Holiday Traditions Scrapbook Layout

Tis the Season of traditions. This is the time of year that there seems to be so many traditions that continue and start. Some traditions only last a few years, because of the age of children, but other traditions continue for generations.Holiday Traditions Scrapbook Layout

What traditions do you have? Did you start a new one this season? This cutting file contains many different options for titles. You can stay with just the word Traditions or overlay it with one of those many options. You can use your Pazzles Pen Tool in the journaling box below the photos. Be sure and check out this past blog about journaling fonts. I also included a tree, snowflake, Star of David and a blank journaling box that you can add your own image to. Be sure and watch this video about Subtract Weld to show you how. This layout can be easily changed to a two page layout by simply mirroring your journaling box and adding a few more photos.

So, I have to be honest here. Since this project was posting on Christmas Day, I originally had planned on doing a Christmas morning layout, but things changed last week when we took my granddaughter Willow to see The Nutcracker for the first time.

Jeff, my husband, had asked just before my birthday if I wanted to go to see The Nutcracker. I was so excited, because it is something I have wanted to do for years, but have never actually seen it, so of course, I said yes. Then he says, “Do you think Willow would want to go?” We talked about it for a few minutes, bringing up her age of just 2 1/2 and the worry that she might be disruptive, but then we recalled that anytime we are flipping through the channels on the tv and she sees ballerinas, we have to stop. She will stand there and just watch them dance. Her little body starts to sway and she has to start dancing with them, because she can’t contain herself. The rest of the world disappears for her during this time. So we realized that yes, she had to go with us.

For the weeks following we talked about The Nutcracker and how we need to use our manners when we were at the show. As the last week arrived and it became days, her mom took her to get a special dress that she called her “pretty, pretty princess dress” and she got her “pretty, pretty princess shoes” to go with it. We would talk about it each day, and then the day arrived. She came to our house for a nap and before we fell asleep we talked about how when we woke up that we would get bathed and dressed, then go see The Nutcracker. I’m sure she dreamed of ballerinas while napping.

At 6:00pm we went to pick her up for the show. When we arrived, she asked, “Do we get to go to The Nutcracker now?” We said yes and off we went. We checked our coats and went and found our seats. She sat down and the show started a few minutes later. She sat on the edge of her seat and her eyes were glued to the stage. When the music started, she looked enchanted and you could tell she was so happy. When people would applaud, she would happily and excitedly join them. She hardly made a peep through Act 1.

During intermission we were able to go find a ballerina that had the same color of dress on as she did for her tree, then we took a picture by the ballerina slippers tree. Then back for Act 2.

She continued with her amazing attention to the stage until about 15-20 minutes were left. So I took her up by the doors. There was an open area there where there were no people she would block. She was able to stand and watch. Pretty soon she was swaying and dancing, then the audience applauded for those on the stage, so Willow closed her eyes with her arms stretched out, enjoying the applause. Two of the ushers were watching her with the biggest smiles, then someone on the back row turned and saw her, she nudged her neighbor and pointed with a smile, it was delightful.

We went and sat back down for the last few minutes and she turned to Jeff and I and whispered, “I want to dance down there.” She was pointing at the stage. We watched the last dance and as Willow applauded, she yelled, “Bravo!”

After the show, Jeff and I knew a brand new tradition had been born, all from the delight of a little girl. I’m sure we will be taking Willow every year from now on. I’m even guessing that we may be watching her in it someday.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you enjoy old traditions and create new and lasting ones.

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Simple Stories (Glad Tidings)
Cardstock-Cranberry, Green, Off-White
Craft Paint (to edge the photos)
Pazzles Pen Tool
Zig Memory System Ball Pen
Pop-Dots (to add dimension to title)




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4 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions Scrapbook Layout

  • rogers

    I so enjoyed the story of Willow’s visit to the Nutcracker. When
    my granddaughter was about the same age her aunt purchased a video called Baby Ballet. It is such a sweet video showing little ones ballet basics in a very simple way. Thought you might like to know of it if you are not already aware of its existence. Not sure if it is still available but maybe something like it. Jo from Texas. Hope your new year brings everything good for you and yours.

  • scrappingklo Post author

    Jo, Thank you so much for the information on the baby ballet dvd. I will order it for her. I know she will love it. ~Klo

  • tabecker

    Klo, what an adorable little Angel! I remember those same experiences with my daughter at that age. We went ever year when we lived in St. Louis. MO to the Fox theater. It is an amazing place that added to the atmosphere of the ballet. It makes Christmas magical for us adults if we can view it once again through their eyes! My daughter is now 25 and we are planning her wedding. Time flies and before we know it our little Angels are grown Princesses. Thank you for bringing back those memories to me.

  • crochetin

    I so enjoyed reading your story of Willow’s experience. I kept scrolling back up to the photos to see the look of wonder you captured. Thank you for sharing!