Bon Voyage Suitcase Card and Banner

Bon Voyage Banner

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to make a Bon Voyage banner for her. Her daughter was heading off to New Zealand to work with a medical mission for several months. This was her first child to leave home and her only daughter. You can imagine the emotions that my friend was experiencing at that time. She was proud that her daughter was ready to leave the nest but also sad that she was ready to leave the nest. suitcasse card
I didn’t want to make an ordinary banner, for this occasion it needed to be more personal. I thought of the old beat up suitcases people used to travel with. You know, the brown suitcases with labels pasted all over them. For this banner I made enough suitcases for the word Bon Voyage but you could use any word you like by changing the letters. The map was printed from paper I found on the internet. Just search for map papers and you will have several options. I also made a matching card to go along with the gift I gave the new adventurer.
The travel season is rapidly approaching and graduation is just around the corner. I hope this project will inspire you when your turn comes to wish happy travels to those you love.
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2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Suitcase Card and Banner

  • regina1317

    This is a really nice project. I like the map behind the scenes. How did you get the suitcases to stay in place so they didn’t fall on top of each other?

  • meheidie

    Love it! I just pulled a big atlas out of one of my clients recycle bins…She was like, “sure you can have that 2008 atlas”. I wonder what was going through her mind….lol, and now I have a reason to use it!