InVue Project Pattern: Thank You Card

Thank You Card Project Pattern

Writing thank you notes seems to be a long lost art.  It is so much easier to text or email, I guess. But if I really think about it, I do love getting those nice hand-written notes in the mail.

What keeps me from writing thank you notes? If I am honest with myself, it is because I don’t keep handmade thank you notes on hand for when I need them. Yes, I have bunches of store bought ones but I just can’t seem to feel good about sending them. So I put it off until I have time to “create” one.


I designed this month’s Thank You Card project pattern with that dilemma in mind. Now I can quickly make a few thank you cards in several different versions. I can even leave off the central design element and add it later if I want. If I have the base card made, I can satisfy my creative side by only needing to make the fun flower, owl or butterfly at the time I am ready to send the card. It is the best of both worlds!

Now, I am off to make a bunch of cards. Enjoy!

Pazzles Project Patterns make it easy to create projects in multiples with just a few clicks when opened in the InVue software. If you need a refresher on how to use these Project Patterns you can find more information here.

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~ Christine





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3 thoughts on “InVue Project Pattern: Thank You Card

  • julie1

    I love this project! I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a number of cards made ahead so that I could simply pull one out to send when needed. These cards are perfect for that. Thanks!

  • sboeglin

    Love this project set! I am currently producing cards for my stash. These are a welcome addition. Thank you Chris <3

  • bzyptmom28

    Great idea Chris–I’m going to have to create a set of these to have on hand, at the ready. This project pattern is perfect and will be easy to make several at once.