Born to Stand Out Chalk Paint Sign

Pazzles DIY Chalk Paint Sign by Alekhya Yeluri

This DIY painted chalk sign displays my all-time favorite saying. Period. Every single day we wake up and subconsciously try to fit it, when we are actually made to stand out. This quick sign board is for us, for our loved ones to rediscover who you are and why it is more important to stand out than to fit it.

Pazzles DIY Chalk Paint Sign by Alekhya Yeluri

I first painted the blank sign in a pretty blue (of course you can pick whatever color you want). I then made a template with vinyl and used chalk paint for the lettering. I use a technique that makes this a lot like screen printing. You can find full written instructions with pictures in the download!

Pazzles DIY Chalk Paint Sign by Alekhya Yeluri

This technique can be used to make all kinds of signs for any occasion. If you don’t like this quote pick one of your that inspires you. Set it in your workspace or near your front door so it can inspire you every day. Makes a wonderful gift for someone starting a new job, going off to school, or buying a new home too!

Black Vinyl
Pazzles Pick Tool
Bowl to mix
Calcium Carbonate
Spatula(or spoon)
White Chalk Paint

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