DIY Dominoes and Box Set

Have you ever played dominoes? Do you have a complete set of double nines dominoes around the house? If not, you can enjoy making this set of dominoes with your family, and then playing together.

When our children were young, I used double nines dominoes to teach our children basic math skills. I always kept two sets of dominoes in the house, one set for the children to play with as they wished, and another set that I reserved for “Lesson Time”.(I still keep several sets in our home to use when our grandchildren come to visit.)

As soon as our children started to talk, I used dominoes to teach them all of the basic math skills, starting with learning to count, all the way through the mastery of addition and subtraction facts at a lightning-fast speed. Math lessons only lasted 5 minutes a day per child, so this was a fun activity that we all enjoyed. By the time they were 5 years old, each of them was ready to move on to more advanced math skills.

This is the “Build a Tower” game that we played to make sure none of the dominoes were missing, before we practiced our addition and subtractions games.

Friends often asked me how I taught math to our children. I decided to write a book to answer their questions. The name of the book is “Domino Delight Number Games.” It includes the instructions for 21 different domino games that I used with our children at home. Domino Delight is now available as a Kindle book, at the request of our daughter who wanted to use dominoes to teach her children, just as she learned. You can download this book for FREE if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. (You can use my affiliate links to get this book either free, or purchase.)

This set of double nines dominoes fits nicely in the slider box included with this file.

I hope you and your family enjoy learning with and playing domino games as much as our family has through the years.


100# paper 12″x12″7 to 11 sheets
Black Cardstock 12”x12”1 sheet
Printed paper 1 sheet
Dries Clear Adhesive

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