Covering Chipboard Shapes

Have you noticed all of the chipboard shapes available? There are letters and shapes both simple and more detailed. Do you ever find one particular shape that is just begging you to buy it and turn it into something wonderful? And have you ever bought one of those shapes and spent hours painting it, or hand tracing and cutting paper to go on it? I have to admit that in the past I have passed up those fun shapes because I did not want to spend a lot of time making the project. Plus, why buy a chipboard shape when I can cut chipboard on my Inspiration?

Magic Slider Card

About two weeks ago someone in the forums asked about a cutting file for how to make a "magic slider" card. I had no idea what they meant so I went to my good ol' standby, Google, and started looking. Wow! How cool are these cards? As you pull on the slider your stamped design magically fills with color! Of course there is a trick to it is quite clever! This idea works with any stamp design so you can adapt this idea for a card for just about any occasion. Both the quote and the flower stamp are stamps from Verve©. Aren't they lovely? I thought this card would be perfect for Mother's day or as a "just because" card.

Change It Up: Reinventing Projects

Spring time gives me a multitude of reasons for crafting: Easter, May Day, Mother's Day and, in my family, lots and lots of birthdays. Choosing just the right present for the recipient is important but I also like to make the packaging for the present as special as the treat inside of it. It is at times like these that I turn to my Inspiration cutter to make my crafting ideas come to life.

Cupcake Wrappers and Pedestal

Flower Cupcake Wrappers and Pedestals

Spring is in the air! At my house the Daffodils and Tulips are peaking through the soil, the robins are returning and the grass is beginning to turn green. At this time of year I tend to have flowers on the brain. I can't wait to see the first flowers bloom. All of my project ideas seem to feature a flower in them somewhere. Today's project is no exception

My Garden Scrapbook Layout

Using the Rotation Tools

If you have been using your Inspiration for a while, I want you to reminisce with me for a bit. Think back to those first few weeks after receiving your Inspiration. If you were like most of us, you approached learning the software with a great deal of excitement plus just a little bit of trepidation. First, you tried typing a word and changing the font; then you tried some of the pre-designed images from the image gallery. When you got comfortable with that, you decided to venture into some more daring applications. For instance, remember trying to figure out how to rotate a shape?

Twirled Flowers

Create these six dimensional flowers simply be twirling the paper around a pencil and then curling the petals down. So simple and yet so beautiful you will want to make a whole bouquet!

Flower Rosettes

Nana's Garden A couple of months ago I taught you about paper rosettes. At the time I had played a bit with making Rosette Flowers as well but felt that they deserved a lesson all on their own. When I needed to make a project for Grandparents Day for a magazine, I decided to make flower rosettes. What I didn't count on is how addicting they are! I just couldn't stop trying one more style of flower.

Drink Collar

August is here and for many of you that means the heat is really settling in. So this project is just a little reminder to HYDRATE yourself! Drink that water people! This cute and simple project is great for mass producing water bottles for any outdoor event including sports games, practices, weddings, and pool parties. Today's project is also special because we are giving it away to EVERYONE for FREE. Just a little gift from us to you to thank you for being part of the Pazzles family! We are also providing the SVG for this cutting file for those of you that are using MTC or SCAL with your Inspiration!

Easter and May Day Baskets

Traditionally these beautiful May Day baskets are hung on friends door knobs on the first of May. Often they are filled with flowers and treats as a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. What a fun way to get in to the spirit of spring! Even if you aren't in to the idea of May Day baskets, these hanging baskets are perfect for Easter! I even think that some of these baskets would be wonderful for wedding decorations.

Frog Prince Card

Sometimes we read a little more in to something than what is actually said. This card takes advantage of that by cleverly promising a prince. Hey, the card never said what KIND of prince, there can be frog princes too! This adorable card is great for any occasion and is sure to give the recipient a smile.

Fool For You Kinetic Card

We thought it would be a great idea to make April Fool's Cards as one of our projects. When we went looking around for inspiration though we were surprised at how little there is out there! What we could find was usually tasteless and/or unkind. Perhaps April Fool's day isn't exactly the kind of day most NICE people think to make a card, but we were determined that it could be done!

All Fools Day Card

I would show you the inside of this card but...there isn't one! That's the trick, the "money" is stuck inside a card that will not open. At least it is fake money!

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