New Software Update!!

The long awaited day as arrived!!! Today we launched patch 1.3. While that number might not mean much to you, this probably will…

This is the patch that allows Inspiration Studio Pro users to import .SVG files!!

Yippeeeee! As if that wasn’t reason enough to install this patch there are a lot of other really exciting things going on as well. It is important to understand though that the new features are for the Inspiration Studio Pro software only. There are fixes and upgrades for everyone so no matter what software you are using you will want to download the patch. The new features however are for Inspiration Studio Pro only. Below are the official notes and a video to show you the new features included for the Inspiration Studio Pro software!

As a side note do be careful when you install the patch. Make sure you read the instructions and follow them carefully so you have a successful install!

Click here to go to the page with the patch!



Making sure you are running the latest updates is a good idea for any computer device or software you are using, but you REALLY don’t want to miss out on the latest updates for the Inspiration Studio Pro Software. Keep watching to see all the new features including SVG import and Cutting Mat display option. You will get all of these features when you install the FREE update for your Inspiration Studio Pro by going to

Official Patch Notes:

This patch includes firmware update for all Inspirations as well as a software update for both the Inspiration Studio and Inspiration Studio PRO software. The update will automatically detect what version of software you are using and install the appropriate patch. Please be sure to do both the firmware and software update.

Patch Release Includes:

  • Improvements to the code for cutting circles
  • Faster updating – this update along with all future updates to the Inspiration Creative Cutter should be significantly faster.
  • Various minor bug fixes

The following is for Inspiration Studio Pro users only:

  • SVG Import – SVG files will now import directly in to the Inspiration Studio Pro software.
  • New Mat Screen View – this feature allows you to turn the “page” on your screen in to a replica of your cutting mat so that you can easily determine where cuts will be on your mat. To turn this feature on go to the the “Setting” drop down menu and select “Page”. In the new window click on the circle next to “Show Cutting Mat” and then click “Ok” at the bottom of the window.
  • Enhanced Cut Accuracy option – This new toggle-able feature is under “Options” in the Cut Control Panel and will allow you to switch on “Enhanced Cut Accuracy” which for many users will improve scallops, circles, and tight corners.
  • Improved “Center Line” vectorization – Found under Vectorization in the “Image” drop down menu, this feature, which is often used for rhinestones or to change a regular font to a single stroke font, will now produce smoother and cleaner lines.
  • Auto Trace – Intensity Detect will now automatically vectorize your image after selecting “OK” in the Intensity Detect window
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15 comments on “New Software Update!!
  1. Adeline Brill says:

    Love it!!! finally able to import all of my SVG files…

  2. Kimberly Wilson says:


  3. Deborah Yarbrough says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    Finished the install, and software finally recognizes I am a “registered” PRO user and don’t have to have my cutter attached to start!!!! (at least for now!!

  4. Cheryl Gerber says:

    I am sitting at my desk right now reading this wonderful news. Can’t wait to get home and update my Pazzles. Love, love, love my PAZZLES

  5. Isabelle BAYON says:

    Great! very good news!
    Can we also export to SVG?

  6. Enrico Joson says:

    yes, this is great news. Now I don’t need to go back and forth with the software, I can just use Pazzles. Great job development team, can’t wait to go home and install it!

  7. Linda Weisholz says:

    Amazing! Recently, I had e-mailed Tatum about the patch for SVG files and she told me in early November. And. . . low and behold, the patch is already here. I can’t wait to download it. Thanks a bunch to the Pazzles team.

  8. Lorrie Jonas says:

    Wow! I will love that.. Thank You

  9. Sharon V Rausch says:

    Thank you so much for this update. I did both updates I hope this was correct. I asked along time ago for a mat and you finally created it. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for all of the other features also. I enjoy my Inspiration Pro Software very much.

  10. Debbie Rose says:

    Thank you sooo much for the “mat view”!! For me, it makes having the Pro version worth every penny. It’s so much easier for me to lay out my cardstock when I have the visual of the mat right there on the screen. I love it!

  11. Brenda K Followell says:

    Awesome! Thank you!!!

  12. Phyllis Weaver says:

    Thank you for the update, appreciate all that you do for us.

  13. Paula Massey says:

    Thank You so much for the patches. Will now install my Pro software and then upgrade. Looking forward to using the new Pro software.

    Appreciate everything you do for us Pazzle Owners. Proud to be a Pazzlette:-)

  14. Gail Weber says:

    I must be crazy, I can’t seem to locate the patch? help please

  15. Amanda says:

    Go here and it is the blue text right below “Downloads” at the top of the screen

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