What is that thingy you sell and WHAT exactly does it do??

Kirsten_LarryHave you had trouble getting your friends and family to understand what exactly electronic cutting is? Do they kind of look at you blankly when you get excited about it?  I know mine do and it is so frustrating. The men will ask my husband, “So are you and your wife still doing that CRAFT thing?” and you get the feeling they are thinking potholders or macramé. The women will try to compare it to a printer or worse yet, (ugh!!) …..STICKERS!!

 I am over the moon in love with the capabilities of my Inspiration and offer my “services” all the time. Rarely, do they take me up on it. (Maybe that’s a good thing but I won’t know until they figure out what it is I can do.) Several years ago I cut great big paper letters for a banner in front of church for Easter. I thought that maybe they finally understood how much time I could save. I really don’t think it clicked for them because they are carefully preserving the banner and reusing it every year. It is looking pretty worn out to me.

 For the last few years I have offered to cut out Sunday School and Vacation Bible School craft projects but no one took me up on the offer until this year. This summer our church used Veggie Tales™ material and I cut out some wall art for them using the program’s Veggie Tale™ line art and vinyl. It was a big hit and the great thing is that the pieces can be peeled off the wall and saved to use again. (That’s my granddaughter Kirsten in the picture.)

 A few weeks ago as I sat in a meeting of our Women’s Bible Study leaders, I asked (again) if the children’s prSimon_Piratesogram used a lot of cut outs for their crafts. I said I could cut multiples of just about anything in any size and quantity they needed. I could even take pictures from their books and blow them up really big. They looked at me incredulously and said, “Where were you LAST year?!!” ………  Right here, but you just didn’t know what I could do.

Do any of you experience similar problems when trying to extol the virtues of the Inspiration?




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5 thoughts on “What is that thingy you sell and WHAT exactly does it do??

  • Ana Moreno

    Every time I have the opportunity I volunteer to make anything that it is made out of paper
    Little boxes for my niece’s wedding, treat boxes for my sisters baby showers I mad e a banner to, and I have a scrapbook on my moms house where I have used only my inspiration cut outs they all ready know the capabilities of my inspiration.

    Las month it was really funny because I made treat bags for my daughters’ soccer team and the moms love the bag so much that they where taking the bag away form the girls because they wanted to save it, the little girls looked at the bags and occasionally will go and stand to the side looking at them on half time, I really enjoyed the moment and they end up asking if they could make a banner out of the bag, I wanted to make it but another parent wanted to make it because his friend had a banner shop, it was a lot a fun.

  • Mary Kerr

    LOL this is so funny because even after being in the stamping/scrapbooking business for many, many years, most of my family and friends don’t really have a clue what I can do with my cutter! It’s pretty nuts, considering that they’ve seen many of the things that I’ve made with it over the years.

    Over the fall and winter months, I made all of the Save the Date cards, invitations, RSVPs, a parking sign for the bride and groom for the reception and all the table favors for my niece’s March wedding. I can’t tell you how many people complimented me on the various pieces, or how many people said, “you even did all the writing with your cutting machine too?” Um, YEAH! They almost have to see it (and me) in action to “get” what it does.

    I’m surprised by how many people who scrapbook regularly or do other paper crafts don’t know what it is or how it works, but I’d never turn down an opportunity to show them! Pazzles Rocks!

  • Loretta Mateik

    I can’t stop laughing! It really is funny how many people have no clue what a cutting machine can do…..UNLESS they actually see it in action!
    And these can be friends who do a great deal of scrapbooking and cardmaking!

    After being in the ‘crafting’ industry for many years…..MOST of my friends will ask: Are you still doing that ‘craft’ stuff??

    I guess we can only push on and try to get the message out, one person at a time!!

  • Victoria Kee

    I too have offered my services to different organizations and they don’t get it. Last month, my sister-in-law and my niece came in from out of town and were marveling at how it was cutting out the Halloween stuff that I had been making for my niece. But, they think that that is all that it does. Maybe that is a good thing. 😉

  • Klo Oxford

    I have to laugh at how many times I hear these different scenarios….but I have a blast watching peoples faces as they ‘get it’. Gotta love lightbulb moments