Holiday Gift Ideas

36660118 The holidays are right around the corner. We are all very lucky that we have such an amazing machine that helps us make an array of different presents, decorations and holiday greeting cards. Just this past weekend I was walking around our local mall and was amazed at all the cute ornaments, and gifts that I saw. It got me thinking about the array of handmade Christmas gifts I could make with my Pazzles Creative Cutter this year. We have amazing iron on packs here at Pazzles. If you haven’t had the privilege to work with our iron on material you are really missing out. You can make custom gifts by applying it to aprons, shirts, pants, purses, onesies, and bags. The finished product is so beautiful, and it washes like a dream. I’ve worked with other iron on material and found that after just a few washes it was beginning to peal away, and look wrinkled. Our iron packs don’t do this. Once they are ironed down, they really last!

We also have vinyl that looks great to make custom letters for cars, license plates, wall words, hand made ornaments and signs. I’ve even used our vinyl to make tags for drawers and baskets. This makes cleaning up for little ones a lot easier so that toys end up in the correct place! I’ve even used it to make labels for the garage. Even dads need a little extra help in the garage when it comes to cleaning up. I’ve labeled all of our totes for the holidays with pictures and words so that I remember what’s on the inside of the box. Decorating for the holidays can be a pretty long process, for me anyway! I take out all the tree items first and once I have that task completed I move on towards the Christmas dishes. With the vinyl letters labeling the outside of the box, I’m able to determine which boxes need to come inside first.

The ornament that stands out in my mind the most over the weekend was a glass ball that was etched with a monogram with vinyl snowflakes on the outside. It was pretty exciting to look at that ornament and know that I could not only make it, but make it better! I also thought it would be nice to put a picture on the inside of the clear glass bulb. I’ve seen a lot of talented work on our website so I’m excited to see what homemade gifts that you are all making this year for the holidays. Do you have any homemade gifts planned for the holidays?




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6 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Christine

    Tatum, I love the idea of labeling the drawers and boxes for the kiddo’s toys! When my grandkids come over the toys end up all jumbled together. I think I am going to go shopping and look for some cool bins. Then I am going to cut out pictures of cars, dolls, dishes and dress up clothes so the kids will know what goes where. Thanks!!!

  • Melinda Beltran

    Hey there Tatum,

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to get going on some Christmas gifts PRONTO! You’re absolutely right! We are blessed to have such an amazing tool to help get our creativity out! Yeah for the PAZ!

  • Victoria Kee

    I liked the idea of labeling the totes in the garage. Tape wears off after a while. Things that we have at hand and don’t think about…it just amazes me.

    Another hint for the ornaments. When I taught pre-k one year, the teachers took pictures of all of the kids in our classrooms….closeup….and then printed them in color on transparencies…curled them around a pencil…dropped them into clear bulbs…and decorated the bulbs..after the picture was in because they are hard to relocate to match your bulb once the picture is in there. The parents loved these gifts from their kids.

    One year, I made a tree filled with all of our family members. Everyone wants to find their own bulb…but the picture is never good enough..everyone thinks that they look horrible no matter how beautiful that really are..LOL. It was nice though….and now with the vinyl..hmm…I may do this again.

  • Loretta Mateik

    Didn’t I just hand out candy for Halloween. But you are right, Christmas is right around the corner and I need to get moving on it. And like Tatum, all of the tape labels I have on all of my Christmas boxes are falling off and difficult to read. So, as soon as they start coming out this year, I will make lettering appropriate for each box! Great idea.

  • Mary Kerr

    I was just thinking how fun and easy it would be to decorate plain tins or other food containers with vinyl. My brother and I bake a lot of cookies and goodies during the holidays that we share with family, neighbors and friends, and it would be really fun to give them their treats in customized tins! It wouldn’t really cost any more but it would make those gifts so much more personal.

    I like the idea of the decorated and labeled ornament boxes too. Right now most of my ornaments are in a ratty old gift box that’s falling apart at the seams. Maybe it’s time to make MYSELF a present too, and retire that sorry old box once and for all!

  • Klo Oxford

    I just made my first gift last night…It is a glass brick using the PHOTO CUT….I will upload it to the gallery….