Installing CDs into your Image Gallery

When we designed the Inspiration we also took the opportunity to redesign our software. Pazzles software has always been the leader in the industry, but we wanted to try and make it even better. One of the awesome features we added to the software is the ability to preview your images in the Image Gallery before opening them. To make this feature work we needed to create an additional type of file for any group of images called a “.pic” file. Since the release of the Inspiration we have made a lot of new CDs. These CDs are great because they already have a “.pic” file made and also have the ability to install automatically into your image gallery in the Inspiration Studio software. Pazzles also has a lot of older disks too. Unfortunately these older disks don’t have a “.pic” file, because they were created for use with a different version of software than the Inspiration Studio. Our older versions of software didn’t have the luxury that our Inspiration users have. There wasn’t an Image Gallery included in the older versions of software that allowed you to preview the image before importing it onto your page. That means that our older disks didn’t need the “.pic” file and as a result will not install automatically into your images gallery. We are working on updating all of our CD’ with the “.pic” file but we have thousands of images so getting them all up to date will take some time! However, it’s still really easy to use our older disks. It just means they will need to be opened directly from the CD drive or whatever location you decide to save them to on your computer.

The CDs that have “.pic” files and are able to be installed directly into the Inspiration Studio gallery are CDs 38-47. Even though we have a lot fabulous new images included on these disks, I would hate people to miss out on our older disks we have available too. I still refer back to these images when I’m looking for specific holiday designs, silhouettes, or sport images. Check out our CDs by visiting our shop in the Pazzles Craft Room!




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One thought on “Installing CDs into your Image Gallery

  • Terri Mueller

    Is there an easier way to install the cutting files from the older cd’s than one at a time on the inspiration studio?