What’s Up (Q&A)

Blade Length

Trying to figure out your blade length and pressure is almost an art. Getting it right takes practice and the more experience you have the easier it gets. I know when you are first starting out not being able to get your settings right can be really frustrating. On our forums we have a pressure guide list to help you, and there are also a lot of instructions in your manual about how to go about finding the right pressure and blade depth. Make sure you look at both the manual and the guide, they can be really helpful and save you a lot of time.

Food Prepping your Inspiration Creative ...

I love my Inspiration and I know you all love yours too. When we say the possibilities are endless, we really mean it! I love knowing I can throw a custom themed party for friends and family creating everything I need with my Inspiration from the invitations, right down to the delicious cake and pastries I’ll serve. The hard part is deciding which idea I want to go with next. So my only real dilemma is finding more friends, or just throwing more parties!

How To Register Inspiration Studio ...

One of the features of Inspiration Studio Pro is that you do not need to have the Inspiration plugged in to your computer in order to create and save. Instead of requiring the Inspiration to be plugged in to your computer in order to use the software, Inspiration Studio Pro uses a registration number to authenticate your software. So what happens if you experience a glitch in the software or something doesn’t seem to be working quite right? Caution—do not uninstall your software! You get three installs per registration code. If you uninstall and then re-install, you have used up two installations. So what should you do instead of uninstalling? Make sure you have the updates in place, and if you continue to have problems please call in and speak with Technical Support at 1-866-729-9537 x 1005. Tech Support is knowledgeable and helpful and in most cases will have you back up and running in no time.

Replacing the Cut Strip on ...

Is the cut strip on your Inspiration ready to be replaced? Often times I’m asked the purpose of the cutting strip and what function it serves for the Inspiration. If you’re in need of replacing it, you’ll know exactly why purchasing a new cutting strip is so important.

Sharing Inspiration Settings

We all love sharing things with friends whether it’s the latest projects we’ve created, a great coupon in the paper, an idea, or even a secret. It’s nice when you have someone to fall back on and even better when that friend shares in the excitement of something you love too, like crafting! When it comes to friends with an Inspiration it’s nice to know that we can give them a call and ask questions on different materials they may have cut, and what settings worked best for them.

Essential supplies for every Inspiration ...

I’m often asked what additional items should be purchased or kept on hand at all times to use with the Inspiration. I would love to make a list that included all of our tools, several packs of vinyl (we have some amazing colors, you should check them out!) every color of rhinestone, and our Pastry Kit too. We all know it’s not necessary to have all those things, but wouldn’t it be nice!? By just keeping a few basics on hand you’ll never find yourself in a bind for supplies.

Saving Images From the Craft ...

I love designing cutting files and as part of my job here at Pazzles it’s important that I don’t misplace or lose the images I’ve created for the image library in the Craft Room. After all—I’m designing them for you! I like the convenience of knowing that everything I’m creating for Pazzles is in one location. It helps keep me organized and it’s a sure fire way to ensure that I don’t misplace or lose the images I’ve worked so hard to create. I have found that it makes life a lot easier if I know they’re all in one location on my computer and here’s how I do it.

Need a little designer inspiration ...

Have a question, but don't feel like calling in? Try our Designer Chat here in the Craft Room! We hope you take advantage of this wonderful feature that your Craft Room membership provides you. It helps make life easier, and besides, we love the opportunity to chat with you!!

How to Know it’s Time ...

Have you ever been cutting a project and noticed that one moment the cuts are fine and the next you’ll see light feathering around the edges? You can be cutting right along and everything can be great and then all of a sudden, the cuts aren't clean around the edges or the cuts aren't completely through the paper. Here are a few other tale-tale signs that your blade needs to be changed.

What is a Dongle Key

There have been a lot of questions and discussion about the Dongle Key lately. I thought this would be a great time to clarify any confusion about what the key does and when you might want to have one.

Did you know that Craft ...

Being a Craft Room Member has so many different and special benefits. Not only do you get access to the entire Image Library, three uses of Designer Chat each month, and extended Service and Support, but you also get 15% off purchases in the Pazzles Store!

CD 17 Boxes and Bags

How to save files from ...

When Pazzles launched the Inspiration we wanted to make sure that everything we had worked so hard creating in the past for the Creative Cutter Pro and the Pazzles Mini and Mighty would work for Inspiration owners as well. That meant it was important that all of our images on our original image CDs could be imported and used in the Inspiration software too. I like to call these image CDs “oldies but goodies.” Two of my favorite image CDs are CD 17 Boxes and Bags, and CD 18 Cards and Tags.

Want to Find Other Inspiration ...

Have you been searching for some in your area who has an Inspiration and shares the same passion for paper crafting as you do? Then you’ll want to check out the “Neighbors Board” in the forums. This will connect you with other Pazzles peeps in your area that are looking for someone just like you. Take a peek and see who’s close to you!

Unwelcome “loops” in your journaling

Even though I don't mind my own handwriting, I still love the pen tool for journaling. I just can never get my lines as straight on my own, not to mention how easy it is to misspell something as you are writing it and after that there is no going back! So I love the pen tool, but one day I noticed something was wrong. I had all these little loops in my letters that shouldn't be there. There IS an explanation the answer is actually very simple.

Pazzles Angel Agreement Policy

We are very proud of the image library we have created here in our Craft Room. Since our images are produced and owned by Pazzles it is important that we protect our designs in the process of sharing them. However we also want to allow you the freedom to use the designs for many purposes - whether you are hosting a crop or a birthday party. That is why we have an Angel agreement policy that protects our designs while still giving you the freedom to create.

David Tech Support

The Pazzles Family is Still ...

Once again we have exciting news to share with all of you. We have added another member to our family here at Pazzles, please meet David! David has joined me in the technical support dept, and is extending his knowledge and experience working in the software industry to help support all of you.

Food Prepping Your Inspiration

I love my Inspiration and I know you all love yours too. When we say the possibilities are endless, we really mean it! I love knowing I can throw a custom themed party for friends and family creating everything I need with my Inspiration from the invitations, right down to the delicious cake and pastries I’ll serve. The hard part is deciding which idea I want to go with next. So my only real dilemma is finding more friends, or just throwing more parties!

In Software Manual

What happens when you’re traveling for crops and forgot to pack your Inspiration manual? Problem solved! Did you know that there is an in software manual included in your software?

Getting the Most From Technical ...

I take a lot of tech support calls during the week and I know how important your time is. When we are on the phone or a chat together I want to make the most of our time. So I have put together a list of things to do before you call in and things to tell me when you call so that you can get the most out of your technical support.

Blade and Blade Holder Reference ...

I love a quick reference guide, and I have no doubt you do too. So I have put together this quick reference guide for all of the questions that you may have about your blade holder and blades.

What Papers Do You Love ...

The one thing that we all have in common is our love of paper. There are a lot of different brands, types, textures and as a result each of these will impact the quality of your cuts. In your experience what papers seem to give you the best results for your crafting projects?

What Helps Keep You Organized?

While some of us may be thinking spring cleaning and maintenance to our homes both inside and out; don’t forget about keeping your crafting areas clean and organized too! Share with us some of your own organizational skills that will help other Craft Room members stay as organized as you are.

How To Know When A ...

Blades have a way of acting like a good haircut does - one day your hair is perfect, then you wake up the next day and think "Wow! I need a hair cut!". Blades can feel like they go bad just as suddenly and it can be an easy to forget how long you have actually used a blade.

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