Make it a Better Fit

SleddingPicHow often do we think that about so many things in our lives? Why can’t they make these jeans a better fit? Why is it that these sheets aren’t just a little longer? I like that color but I think it would be a better fit if it were just a little darker/lighter. The title looks nice but it would fit better on the page if it was curved instead of straight.

I think we all have had times in our creative process where we wish the word or title had more character. We want it to curve up or down, we want it to fit on top of the heart, we wish we could put the word inside of the butterfly. You all know what I mean!

The Fit Text to Path function helps you to do amazing things with words. No longer do your words or titles need to be straight across. Fit Text to Path allows you to make a word fit to a shape or line.

First you choose or create the shape or line (path). Your shape might be an oval or heart or something fun like a sledding slope. You can also use a line shaped in an arc, a zig zag, a swoop or any line you can dream up. Next, you choose your font and type your word. Use the Fit Text to path function and voila! You have a word that follows the shape or line you created.

Be sure to watch the new tutorial Fitting Text to Shapes or Lines in the Building On The Basics section. You will be creating truly unique words in no time! Be sure to download the included Sledding cutting file.

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Are you tired of straight titles and words? Would you like to learn how to make your words in a curve? This video will show you how to shape words and titles by using the Fit Text to Path function. Learn how to conform any word or title to a shape or line. You can fit your word on top of the shape, inside of the shape, under the shape and on the right or left of the shape. You will learn how to use a shaped line as a guide to make a word or title that follows that same design. You use words and titles in most of your projects, this video will help you learn how to expand your design capabilities. Soon, you will have everyone asking, “How did you do that?”




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