Frosty Window Card

Have you ever walked by a home on a frosty evening and caught a glimpse through the window? The Christmas tree sparkles with lights; maybe there are candles on the sill and a wreath hanging in the window. This simple card evokes that same cozy feeling for me.

Christmas is the season of giving and for those of us who craft, our thoughts often turn to making cards. What better way to express our personality and individuality than in a custom made Christmas card. The truth be known, for many of us, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without handmade cards. 

I designed this card using the Pazzles Inspiration Studio software.  The arched window was easy to create with the Lattice tool feature in the Pro software. Even if you don’t have the Pro version of the software, you can create a similar look using the tricks I teach in this week’s tutorial.  There is usually more than one way to do something in the Inspiration Studio software so even if you have the Pro version you might want to watch the video. 

The wreath was simply two circles centered together. Then I changed the straight line to a jagged one using the Deckle edge option in the Scissors tool.  It was so fast and the results were exactly what I needed. You gotta love those fast and easy projects!

I even created the unique card shape in the software. (No tracing the curve with a bowl and then cutting with scissors. Those days are gone for good!) I created a rectangle and mirrored it so that I had 2 of them side by side. Then I shortended one of the rectangles and rounded the top. I deleted the adjoining side lines. Joined the two card parts together and added a kiss cut line for the fold. Another fast but fabulous look!

I also cut the inside rectangle from printed paper on my Inspiration. That way there is no need to get out my hand slicer and no chance that I will misread the ruler lines. 🙂 I used dimensional snow and Stickle glitter for that frosty winter feel and to make sparkle berries on the wreath. This card is beautiful even without all the added sparkle, so if you have a hundred to make you may want to forego the extras. However, the frost in the corners of the window panes and the touches of sparkle do make it more holiday. Whatever way you decide, the Pazzles Inspiration cutter will save you time and money this Christmas season.

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Learn how to make windows with a square or diamond grid inside. This tutorial will teach you how to quickly create a grid for window panes on a card or overlay. You will also learn how to change a square grid into one with diamond window panes. Finally, learn how to create a mask to change your window into arched, octagon, star and many other shapes.




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15 thoughts on “Frosty Window Card

  • Gloria Olmstead

    Christine, thanks i have been trying to figure out my cards this year and this will work wonderfully i got some flower soft that i will use for the snow instead. Will let you know how it turns out they say it is the best snow out there other than the real stuff and it doesn’t melt. 🙂

  • Gloria Olmstead

    I forgot also if you don’t have stickles or other dimensional glue, if you have clear glue dots that are dimensional you can put them where you want add embossing powder and heat them up and walla you have your dimensional dots/ornaments.

  • Phyllis Weaver

    Love it, this is a great idea. The projects have been so fun to create. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Gloria Olmstead

    Help!!!! is anyone else having trouble with this window cutting? I have replaced the blade, mat, reduced pressure, depth, speed nothing helps it just keeps hanging up and ruining the paper. 10 sheets so far. Am quiting for now. If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate the help. Maybe its the machine?

  • Christine Post author

    Gloria, I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing with us. I checked the cutting file and didn’t have any trouble cutting it. Just in case, though, I changed the cutting order so the window part of the card cuts first. Re-download and see if that helps. 🙂

  • Vicki Gardiner

    Thank You Christine. This is a really beautiful card!

    Are you and your team also going to do the 12 Ornaments of Christmas this year?

  • Gloria Olmstead

    Christine, I have figured out that it is between 5 and 6.5″ on the mat where it starts to mess up. I put the Joy on in several places to test and every time when it went to cut at that place it messed up, doesn’t matter if it is top or bottom. That is about the same place that it messed up on the windows also. Any suggestions? I will try again tomorrow if i don’t get to bogged down with going to town. BTW the Flower-Soft (you can get it at it comes in many colors and you can make flowers and stuff with it too. It is like a paper or plastic bulky glitter, tiny pieces of paper/plastic that you glue on they have regular and ultra fine. The snow looks pretty much like the real stuff as the Polar White has some sparkle to it. Am waiting for the Christmas green & red it will look cool on wreath and/or tree i am sure. I will redownload the file and see if that helps. Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Linda Weisholz

    Love this card idea! I’m thinking a family portrait behind the window frame inside the card.

  • Wanda Faye Shaffer

    Love the card!! Thanks you. I made them some with wreaths and some with Christmas trees. THANKS!