Drawer Box

I thought it would be fun to make a box that actually worked like a dresser drawer. These not only would make a great gift but are great for decorations or even organizing your odds and ends. I thought this box would be really cute to make several of and then stack them together too!

Don’t forget about the men in your life! If the saying is true that the way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach, he must be in love around the holidays. It’s not just the season of giving, but eating too!! My dad loves chocolate so I thought I could fill up this drawer with Almond Hershey Kisses and then put a gift card to Hastings in the bottom for one of his gifts this holiday. My dad will have as much fun opening and eating the yummy treats on the inside as I did making it for him!

Here are is the recipe and cutting file for this project but you can only get it if you are a Craft Room member!! If you aren’t a Craft Room member now is a great time to join so you can get all 12 boxes and participate in our challenge to win great prizes!

Click Here to Download the Recipe for this Drawer Box

Click Here to Download the Cutting File for this Drawer Box


Click Here to Download the SVG and AI Files for this Drawer Box




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6 thoughts on “Drawer Box

  • Margaret E Breiter

    This box looks so sturdy with the inside walls, I have to try this one for lots of things, Thank you.

  • Adrienne Pugmire

    I agree about the hardest thing about these boxes is choosing the paper! I’m loving this challenge, my first one. Every month, I look at the challenges and think…I want to do this! Then, the month passes by and I didn’t act. This month, I’m participating, and learning so much and enjoying every minute of it.

  • Sharalee Lee

    I plan on making a few of these and actually connecting them together. Would be super cute sitting on a desk with staples, paper clips and such stored in it.

  • Elizabeth Graham

    First of all I loved the challenge, because it was a challenge, I couldn’t get the drawer to fit through the aperture in the main box lol (was this a test to see if we could resize to fit? The size of the back of the drawer which fits through the aperture seems to be exactly the same size in the file which would make it impossible to fit it through). Secondly, I have the perfect way of housing my sister’s Christmas gift. Thank you for the costant inspiration, I will never need to buy ANY kind of gift wrapping from a store, well, only if the gift is really, really big.

  • Tatum Clark Post author

    This really is a sturdy box. Elizabeth I tried to make everything a close squeeze so that the drawer was firm enough to hold heavier items. I didn’t just want the drawer to slide out without a little effort. I didn’t want yummy treats and candies to fall out in the event the box was tipped on it’s side. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the cutting files. Adrienne, it really is a challenge to pick out the papers to use. It’s amazing how much paper can completely change the look of a project. I just hope that you are all enjoying the box and you find a special way to use it. Merry Christmas!