Scallop Christmas Tree

I am not a baker, but when we decided to make gift bags and boxes this year for the holidays I quickly went home to retrieve some cookbooks from my shelf. I was inspired to create some scrumptious cookies and give away to my friendly neighbors as gifts this Christmas. I thought this box would be a fun way to distribute my holiday baked goods. I chose a fun paper that was nontraditional for Christmas, pink! These cute little boxes shrunk down in size would make a great hideaway for a bite sized candy bar and advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas on the bottom of each tree. After they’re opened they make a great Christmas tree ornament. Whatever you decide to use this box for, I hope your friends and family enjoy it!

Here are is the recipe and cutting file for this project but you can only get it if you are a Craft Room member!! If you aren’t a Craft Room member now is a great time to join so you can get all 12 boxes and participate in our challenge to win great prizes!

Click Here to Download the Recipe for this Scallop Christmas Tree

Click Here to Download the Cutting File for this Scallop Christmas Tree


Click Here to Download the SVG and AI Files for this Scallop Christmas Tree




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