I took a hike this past week through our Mountains in Cascade, Idaho. I was on a quest to find pinecones that the chipmunks hadn’t scavenged yet for winter. I thought they would make a nice center piece on the table. When I found a nice little pile of them under the tree and started putting them in my bag I thought hey, I could make these out of paper instead! Not only that, I could have them match the linens on the table to add the perfect touch! I could even add a ribbon to the top and make a beautiful ornament for the tree! To say the least I think the chipmunks were thrilled with this idea too. I hope you enjoy creating these and that they add a nice touch to your décor!

Here is the recipe and cutting file!

Pinecone Recipe

Pinecone Cutting File


Pinecone SVG and AI




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5 thoughts on “Pinecone

  • pat grier

    I have made these out of ribbon, they are a lot of work to pin but worth every minute soent on them. can’t wait to try one in paper.

  • Victoria Kee

    This is just too weird. I wanted to make one for a project and was up late watching You Tube Videos on how to make them. I decided that I was going to design one in my Pazzles Inspiration Pro software…and now here you are showing how it is done too. Small world.

    I did learn one tip from one of the videos though…you know the “fern” leaves that you are topping it with? Well, one woman split every one of the leaves into two….but still attached…and ruffled the up…and they look just like a fir tree branch.

    Great minds think alike!