Change It Up: Reinventing Projects


Spring time gives me a multitude of reasons for crafting: Easter, May Day, Mother’s Day and, in my family, lots and lots of birthdays. Choosing just the right present for the recipient is important but I also like to make the packaging for the present as special as the treat inside of it.  It is at times like these that I turn to my Inspiration cutter to make my crafting ideas come to life.

I rarely like to use a cutting project exactly the way it is designed.  I love the idea of being able to put my own personality into the project. I also love the idea that I can use a project for more than one occasion. In the Inspiration Studio Software I can change it as radically or simply as I want.  I am in complete control of the design, instead of being dictated by the constraints of a cartridge. I  can save the file on my computer and then recreate it as many times as I want, changing it over and over again as needed.

This cute basket started life as a St. Patrick’s Day project in the Pazzles Craft Room. I changed the four leaf clovers to flowers and added scallops to the handles. It was fast and easy to make the changes in the Inspiration Studio Software. The changes didn’t require too many tools either. I used both of the scissors tools: cut path and cut straight line, the scallop scissors, break point and join two points. If you don’t want to make your own box, changing how it looks is a great way to add a personal touch.

 I think I will bring this project back at Christmas and change the flowers to poinsettias or trees or snowflakes; well, you get the idea. Once you know how it is done, the ideas just start to flow!

Be sure to watch the video to see how I did it. I also have included the cutting file and a pdf of instructions for my May Day Basket.

Have fun changing up this basket and making it your own!


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Learn how to change an existing project to make it look different. In this way you can get more use out of a cutting file by altering it to suit your needs. This tutorial will teach you how to look at a cutting file to determine if you can make changes to it and some simple ways to change the basket file included with the lesson.






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9 thoughts on “Change It Up: Reinventing Projects

  • Phyllis Weaver

    I truly enjoyed this video. I try to use designs in more than one way and this is a great adaption, plus I learned a couple more buttons to use in the software. Thank you.

  • Sally Lamb

    Love the idea of changing things up and I do it all the time but my question is…when does the design become your own instead of the person who originally created it? As for selling online already cut or as a file? I have many cute designs that start with a free SVG or WPC off the internet but then feel I can’t do anything with them.Any thoughts? Thanks for the file…my granddaughter’s class loved all 24 I made!

  • Regina Stevens

    Cool. I like this tutorial. I had never used the open path button before, but I will now.

  • Joanna

    Love this tutorial, learnt lots of things. I need to be brave and alter some of my existing files to suit my projects……hmmmmm lots more practise needed!!!

  • Marilyn Lovell

    downloaded flower basket but when I tried to cut it, message said I had to vectorize before cutting. Don’t know what to do. Since I downloaded the file from the craftroom, I thought it would be ready to cut as is!!

  • Christine Post author

    Marilyn, it is ready to cut. The message appears because there is a photo of the finished baskets included with the cutting file. Simply ignore the message and cut as usual. You will run across this from time to time. Often it is because there is some sort of image or text to help you understand how the cutting file is supposed to work.

  • AmyBeth Ogden

    Love the basket!! I am adding wording to use as a teacher gift.BUT please help…
    1. I can’t ge the words to show or cut
    2. I can’t delete the picture showing your sample

    Thanks for the great idea and the great cut file