Are You Ready for the Pazzles Chicago Retreat?

The Chicago retreat is just 2 weeks away. Windy City here we come!! Are you excited? Have you already started packing? Maybe you didn’t realize how close the time was getting. OR maybe you are just a little nervous? Are you afraid you won’t know what everyone else does? Don’t worry, the retreat is going to be a WONDERFUL experience!

Chicago attendees should be receiving the class schedule outline very soon. It will give you an idea of when everything starts, when and what will be taught and what time meals are each day.


What to know before you attend a Pazzles Retreat or teaching event:

 It is important that you are prepared before arriving. That way we can get down to business right away and not spend time installing software, running updates or teaching basic computing skills.

Please be sure you have your Inspiration Studio Pro software installed!! We do not have time set aside to help you install the program at the retreat. If you have any problems installing the software or want someone to help you walk through the installation process- call the Pazzles office. Tatum is ready to help you and hold your hand if you need it. 🙂

I have made a video that I would like all attendees to watch. It will help you be prepared to learn new skills in the Inspiration Studio software by being comfortable with the basics. You may already know several of the skills shown but there may be some you need to brush up on before you arrive. This will help the classes move along smoothly enabling all of you to have more time to make your projects. Which, after all, is the really fun part, right?

The video is an overview and moves along at a good pace. It is just an overview so don’t panic. You do not need to be proficient in them, I just want you to feel comfortable in the classes. Watching this video a couple times will ensure that you are not encountering these skills for the first time when in the class sessions. Don’t be afraid to ask that computer whiz in your family to help you, especially if you are not comfortable finding files or searching on the internet.

I have enjoyed reading the comments that you have added to your pre-retreat surveys. I cannot wait to meet all of you. Pazzles customers are the BEST in the world!!





Knowing the basics of your computer and the Inspiration Studio software will make your retreat experience more productive and enjoyable. This video is an overview of the skills you should know before you attend a retreat. You can pause it to take notes or practice. Further information on the basic skills can be found in the Craft Room video library in the Fundamentals section.




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13 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the Pazzles Chicago Retreat?

  • Beth Gendler

    I was kinda hoping to get the basics at the retreat. I am not good watching and then learning…. I really wanted to have someone there to teach me the basics so I could do this with someone helping me. I am very disappointed I need to know the basics before I even go. This was not explained when I signed up.

  • Christine Post author

    Don’t worry Beth. we always start with the basics of the Inspiration Studio software. The more important thing is to know your way around your computer. We are not teaching computer 101 but we will be teaching Inspiration 101 at the retreat. If you watch the video a few times and know how to find folders and save to your computer you should be fine.
    We will have a beginner class right at the beginning of the retreat. Watching the video will only help you be more comfortable with what you learn in the class.

  • Beth Gendler

    I am ok with my computer, just not the basics of the inspiration. So it is good to know you will have the basics of the inspiration. I am also bringing my husband who is an IT guy to help me keep up. He wants to learn more about the machine also. We actually have two of them, one for him to do vinyl and such and one for me to do the paper. I feel a bit better if the basics you are talking about are the basics of my computer as I have that. Thanks for quick reply.

  • Cheryl Whitehead

    Hi Christine!

    I also learn better when I have someone teach me one on one but would you have enough instructors there to help us all? I want to thank you for all the instructional videos and the live classrooms. I will try my best to get the basics down so I can have fun and not stress 🙂 I would hate to slow everyone down.

  • Linda Weisholz

    Hi Christine~
    Just watching this video, I have learned a trick or two I didn’t know before in the Inspiration Studio Pro. I hope to a attend a retreat soon.

  • Victoria Kee

    Suggestion: Since obviously, there are 2 or 3 levels of knowledge when working with the Inspiration, maybe you could offer ala carte classes: Beginner class, Intermediate class, and an advanced class.

    I understand that beginners want to come to learn the basics…but for someone like me who is between intermediate/advanced…that would be a waste of time and money. Personally, if I went to one of these retreats, I would be seeking advanced classes only. I know that that is not realistic though. So, I think that the ala carte would be the answer for all of us. It is just a thought.

    And…while one of these classes is taking place that you don’t sign up for…you could be either napping or sightseeing…or enjoying your hotel!

  • Klo Oxford

    We start with the basics and build through to more advanced things. We are finding that many advanced people are learning numerous tricks and tips that they didn’t know about while teaching the Basics. The beauty of this is, the retreat works for everyone regardless.

    For those that have attended, I’m sure they will agree it was worth every penny, even those that consider themselves intermediate/advanced, so many of them commented to me about the little things that they learned that makes the more advanced things easier. Plus, I don’t think anyone wants to miss a moment of what is going on and wants to attend all of the classes available.

    I hope to see more of you at Chicago and at future retreats. They are a wonderful opportunity to help you on your way learning how to use your Pazzles to it’s full potential.

  • Mary Kerr

    I am so excited to go to the retreat and can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away. I’ve had both the Pro and the Inspiration for years and I’m also fairly advanced, but I KNOW it will be well worth the time and money. I have the new software but hardly have any time to even open it much less experiment and explore it, so this will be a great learning opportunity. I’m really looking forward to being able to utilize the software and both of my machines to their fullest!

  • Linda Phillips

    I agree with Klo on this one (and most other things as well.) I am also fairly advanced with my skills but every time I watch a video, take a class or interact with one of these ladies I learn something. It may be the simplest way to do something or something totally new (new way to use a button or tool) but I get something out of everything. I would not want to miss a minute of time with the brains behind the skill set! Chicago here I come!!!


    I agree wholeheartedly with Klo! I went to Anaheim Retreat and it was totally worth every penny! For the folks who are not advanced…even if you don’t grasp every single thing taught it will still be a huge help when you get home and want to create something. Prior to retreat, I used what I now call “the hard” way to get things done. Now I remember that a much faster, more efficient way was taught at retreat to do what I want done so I go to the videos to refresh my memory.

    And for the advanced users, I guarantee you’ll learn things you never imagined.

    My personal recommendation for preparing yourself so you get the most out of Retreat is to first follow the video “What to Know Before You Go” (it’s really important), and then start watching all the videos you can.

    Due to other commitments in my life, I wasn’t able to touch my new Pazzles Inspiration until about a week before Retreat. Consequently, I didn’t have enough time to watch a video and then practice it; instead, I watched one after the other. That worked really well for me–even though I didn’t know the exact steps to complete a project, I did begin to be more familiar with the concepts and the terminology. Chris and Klo will teach you by demonstrating projects that you will then do and if you get stuck, there’s always someone to help you. In fact, we students were thrilled when we could help each other over small snags.

    After retreat I told my husband (who bought the system for me as a surprise) that it felt like he had bought me a power tool, but retreat showed me where the “On” switch was.

  • Kim Drako

    When are they going to announce the next group of retreats? Any chance of a eastern US like NJ, PA? Pleeeeeese

  • Melanie Lucus

    I am also waiting to hear when more retreats will be announced. I was hoping for Atlanta or Nashville.