Christmas Elf

Paz the Pazzles ElfAllow me to introduce to you our new Pazzles mascot, Paz the Pazzles Elf! Paz will be popping in now and then to say Hi. He is a mischievious little guy so you never know where he will show up. In fact, he is off adventuring in the Pazzles Craft Room today.

He might be making mischief, so we need your help in finding him. He could be anywhere in the Craft Room which is full of fun places and things to see. We need your help in locating him before Santa finds out. If you see him, please let us know by posting. Paz may even leave a goodie in your stocking for the first person to discover him and help him find his way out of trouble!! 🙂

Paz will be making appearances throughout the year too, so keep an eye out for our fun friend. We’ve included the cutting files below so you can make your own Paz, but be careful he’s naughty and might make mischief at your house.


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25 thoughts on “Christmas Elf

  • Christine Post author

    You will to find him somewhere in the Craft Room. He just left a picture of himself on this page so that you would know what he looks like! 🙂

  • Judith Mott

    He is on the tree as a Christmas Ornament in the Tips and Tricks section…but I think someone has already guessed it. (:

  • Christine Post author

    keep looking…..he is not on the Advent Tree in Tips and Tricks. Good guess but that is his cousin, I think. LOL! 🙂

  • Hannah

    HA…ladies he is on that page but he is peeking out of the present on the bottom, #25. Sneaky little guy!

  • Christine Post author

    oh my he is a tricky fellow! You keep finding his cousin but if you look closely they are not the same.

    Hint: he is not anywhere near a Christmas tree!

  • Christine Post author

    Clue #1: While you were loooking for him, Paz went to the movies and did some shopping. He’s all done now so you won’t find him in those places.

  • Christine Post author

    Clue #2: Paz went to the Art Gallery and thinks that you are all very talented ladies. He is truely inspired to make great projects! However, he has had all the inspiration he can absorb and has moved on now.

  • Christine Post author

    Clue #4: Paz is still in the Craft Room which he thinks is a great ‘community’! He just had to ‘share’ with you that he watched ‘The Sound of Music’ last night. Can you guess what his ‘favorite’ song is?

  • Christine Post author

    Clue #5: Paz says he also would love to go to Greece to see the ‘forum’ but he can’t leave the Craft Room. (Good thing too, since he is so hard to find!) Remember, he would love to ‘share’ a gift with the person who finds him, probably he will give you one of his ‘favorite things’!!

  • Christine Post author

    Cheryl, you are so right! I bet Paz was really happy to see you! Watch your email after Christms to find out what your gift from Paz will be. (Right now, he better start helping Santa get ready for Christmas,)

  • Brenda Adams

    To bad I was way to busy…I just seen this darn….congrats Cheryl great job…he was found before I knew he was goofing off…lol