Snow Bunny Winter Decoration

Ski Snow Bunny Hanging Card

Winter is a great time to stay warm and snuggled up indoors, but there are a lot of exciting winter activities to take advantage of outdoors too. Maybe you like attending winter carnivals,  going for long walks when the snow is falling, or maybe you’re like so many who enjoy hitting the slopes for a little skiing and snowboarding. In light of the winter season and for all the snow bunnies here in the Craft Room, I made this decorative 15 minute project snow bunny to hit the slopes with you!

All the files for this project can be found in our library here in the Craft Room. The Skis can be found in Sports > Skiing and Snowboarding. The Snow Bunny can be found in Animals > Mammals> Wild. The last piece is the Holly Snowflake file found in Nature > Snow and Water.







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