Singing in the Rain 2-Page Scrapbook Layout

Singing in the Rain Scrapbook Layout
The title of this layout evoked so many memories for me, but there were three main ones that just jumped out at me. The first one, of course was Gene Kelly dancing and singing, and then getting up on the lamppost.

The second is me as a young girl outside in the pouring rain with a bottle of shampoo washing my hair because I heard it would make my hair really soft. By the way, that is true, I had wonderfully soft hair for a few days.

And the third memory is of my son, Jared when we was about 6 or 7 years old.  I looked out the window and he was in shorts and snow boots jumping through puddles with a joyful look on his face. He wasn’t actually singing, but it brought a song to my heart.

Whether it is you or your family in the rain, someone you love in a play of the show, or some other memory, I hope this layout will evoke some special memories for you as well.



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7 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain 2-Page Scrapbook Layout

  • paula hook

    Beautiful Klo! I’m not sure I see you doing layouts so much but other projects. Why does it not surprise me that you have such a talent for this too?

  • Kim Drako

    I know exactly what pictures I will use it for. Our Fire Dept. 100th Anniversary Parade was in the poring rain. We had a ton of spectators showing their support. I love the use of the sticklers for the umbrellas. I never think of those things. I have the hardest time embellishing the die cuts. Thank you sp very much for this.

  • Adeline Brill


    I am with you in this for memories! My son’s high school play was Singing in the Rain! oh how I wish I had photos of the kids with their umbrellas….

  • Klo Oxford Post author

    Thanks everyone. Vicki, the girls are a friends daughter and dance group. Paula, actually I am a scrapbooker first, all the other things are new to me. *grin

    So excited to see that people will be able to use this, I was a little worried at first…*grin

  • keenu1


    I am VERY new to Pazzles but LOVE this Singin in the Rain Layout! Could you tell me WHERE you got the images for the figures, rain jackets & umbrellas??? I would appreciate it … and THANKS for your help …. Barbara Barnhart