Sweetheart Round Box

Sweetheart Ribbon Circle Box by Tara Brown

I have been waiting for Pazzles to post a completely round box cutting file so was thrilled when the Diploma Box was posted a few months ago! This little round box measures about 3 1/2”x 2” deep and uses only four of the cutting file pieces.

With the Diploma Box cutting file, take the two round bases with the flanged strips and size one to 4.85″ and the other to 4.7″. The larger one will be the lid. Now resize the rectangular side piece to 11.6” x 2”. The last piece to cut is the narrower rectangular strip for the lid. I resized it to 11.75” x 0.75”. Take the 2” wide rectangular side piece and adhere it to the flanges of the smaller circle being careful to line up the side edge flush with the circle score line.

To assemble the lid, take the larger circle and adhere the narrow rectangular strip to the flanges again making sure the edge of the rectangular strip is even with the circle’s score line. Your round box is now completely finished and ready to decorate. I used the Large Circle Scallops to make a frame for the picture.






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3 thoughts on “Sweetheart Round Box

  • Joanna

    Don’t know how I missed this Diploma Box! I love how you have simply resized it into a beautiful Sweetheart Round Box. Thanks for the inspiration Tara.

  • Linda Weisholz

    Tara~ beautiful box. Klo just did a class on round boxes this pass weekend very similar to the diploma box. I’m looking at paper tubes in a whole new light since I learned to wrap them and pinched the ends.
    The creative part in us is being able to alter a pattern to suit us or a particular occasion.