Double Cup Coffee Carrier


Fall is my favorite time of year. Not only do I enjoy all the changes that take place outside with leaves changing and dropping; I love all the changes that take place indoors too. Fall is the time of year when we put the grilling utensils away and opt to make thick stews, soups and roasts instead. This caddy can be used for coffee but my original intent was to fill mason jars with yummy soups.  Add some napkins, spoons, and cracker packs, and give as lunch gifts for co-workers, get well soon gifts, or just a fun neighborly gift for someone who is on your mind and could use a delicious pick me up. However you decide to use this project, it will be a yummy treat for the one receiving it.





Bazzill Basics Cardstock

BoBunny Natural Necessities Collection Pack

Prima Marketing Chalk Edgers

Stencil Plastic

Prima Marketing Flowers



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5 thoughts on “Double Cup Coffee Carrier

  • irgenius

    this is so cute. Gonna make one for my friends birthday but its gotta be green and white… we are huge Starbuck fans. Thanks for the file and idea.


    Tatum, I don’t think you have ever created anything that I didn’t just absolutely LOVE!!! You Rock!

  • Kim Drako

    This will be so great for a get well basket with soup. Love it. Who makes the black cardstock? It looks like a basket weave and sturdy.

  • Heidi Edwards

    Ohhhh I love it! I am going to fill my cups with coffee flavored candy and put a Starbucks gift card in the center compartment for one of my kiddo’s teachers. Fabulous project!