Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection: WPC, AI And SVG Cutting Files


My son loved his little cars when he was younger. He always pretended the cars were driving really fast and the police pulled them over. He played with them almost every day, and we rarely left the house without at least one in his pocket. But this too shall pass…ho hum. We recently cleaned out his toy box and I found all his beloved cars at the very bottom. He was hesitant to get rid of them but he also said, “I don’t really play with them anymore”. So when I saw the Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I purchased a 12×12 shadow box, took the back off, laid it face down and filled it with his most favorite cars. I used vinyl to cut the files out, layering them as I went and applied it to the glass front of the shadow box. He was so happy and even got a little sentimental when I gave it to him. I hope it provokes those feelings every time he sees it.


I also made this card for my son and gave it to him with his shadow box. I followed the instructions from the National Scrapbooking Day Spinner Card by Joanna Wright. Instead of a straight line, I used an oval so it would look like the car was racing around a track! Since the car on this card was very small, I used the print and cut technique to cut it out. I wrote “You’re a Winner” on the inside. I love cards that move. I think moving parts add a whole new level of fun to them. The Need 4 Speed Cutting File Collection was perfect for this project! I also think they would be perfect for a wall vinyl project. If my son was younger, that’s exactly what I would have done, but alas he has grown out of his little boy toys…for the most part.

The Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection is available for purchase in WPC, AI, and SVG cutting file formats in the Pazzles Store, and was released to Craft Room members on Friday in the New section. Craft Room members can see our other Collections in the Library, and non-members can purchase any or all Collections in the Store.


Pazzles Vinyl
Better Homes and Gardens 12 x 12 Shadowbox
Bazzill Basics Cardstock
Foam Dimensional Dots





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7 thoughts on “Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection: WPC, AI And SVG Cutting Files

  • tatum

    This is so cool Heidi! I always love your stuff, what a great way to display old matchbox cars. I have a lot of old ones myself. I need to get one of these frames.

  • sbruestle

    Great idea! Good job! I wish I would have thought of something like that with some of my kids small toys before I got rid of them. I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future.

  • ilovemytwoboys

    Oh my gosh I love this idea. So glad I still have both of my boys matchbox cars. Thanks so much for the idea.

  • meheidie Post author

    Any small toys that can fit in a shadow box will work. I think it would be cute to put hair bows in one. I know my daughter had about a billion of them, but she wouldn’t put them in her hair now to save her life… It doesn’t necessarily have to be a collection of toys either, it can be just one or two loved items. There are tons of files in the craft room that will compliment just about anything you can fit into a shadow box.

  • melin

    This is a FANTASTIC idea Heidi! I have a box full of cards that would work perfect for my son who is now 23 and has a real car…lol! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!