Milk Jug Necklace


I was inspired by a necklace I saw Erin Madsen from DCWV wearing in a video for paper stacks. It looked kind of like iridescent shells, but being a crafter I saw milk jug material. I waited for my family to finish the gallon of milk in the fridge, then I rinsed it out and cut the flat side off. I used the Flower Bunch file from the Craft Room Library. That file really seems to be my go to file for spring projects. I chose a flower with defined petals and duplicated it until I had nine flowers, then resized three each to 1.5″,  1.25″ and 1″.  I thought at this point it might get tricky, but it didn’t. I put the milk jug pieces on a new conditioned mat, as I did not want them to move during cutting. Just to make sure they didn’t slip, I taped them with painters tape also. I cut them on the stencil material setting and did 2 passes, first on a blade depth of 2 and then on 2.5. It cut beautifully.

I wanted to wear my necklace for spring so I added alcohol ink in yellow and pink with a pearl mixative, giving me that iridescent shell look just like the one I saw. I then heated the flowers with my heat gun so they were more pliable and I could shape them. (Be careful with this step as they do get hot.) I poked a hole in the center of each flower and used a jewelry pin to stack one of each size to form my flower. With the pin sticking out the back of the flower, I cut it down and made a loop to string the flowers on my chain. You can use cord or ribbon as well. I then added a flat back pearl to the center of each flower with glossy accents. I can’t wait to wear this, and it really was a fast and easy project.



Plastic Milk Jug

Alcohol Inks and Pearl Mixative

Jewelry Pin with a flat head

Flat Back Pearls

Glossy Accents 

 Chain, Ribbon, or Cording

Clasp (If using ribbon, you can just tie it)

Jump Rings




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17 thoughts on “Milk Jug Necklace

  • countryanne

    That is really cute, it’s amazing what can be done on the Pazzles and being as crafty as you are it must be so much fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • christine

    Marjorie, this is fabulous!! I love when someone finds a unique way to “use and re-use”! Hmmm…I think I need to ask my daughter with six kids to save her milk jugs for me 😉

  • bherdt

    Marg, you are amazingly creative! No one but you would have thought of cutting up a milk jug! Your necklace is beautiful and you should be very proud when you wear it – being eco friendly.

  • sieglinde

    That is amazing! who would have “thunk”? Now I am going to have to buy some milk in a plastic gallon so I can try it! Thank you for sharing!

  • opal777


    How clever! I was in Jo Anne’s looking at some very similar flowers, thinking that I could probably use my Inspiration with polymer’s clay. But, it wouldn’t have the same slightly transparent look that the flowers there did. This is the answer! How clever! Did I already say that?! I wish that you could see the ones at Jo Ann’s because yours are just as pretty if not nicer!

  • joanna

    Stunning Marjorie, great inspiration. I love how you have used the alcohol ink in yellow and pink with a pearl mixative, just my colours!!!!

  • fourstarllw

    A green project,and. . . done on the inspiration! Very clever and it turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  • melin

    How superb! Clever girl to use a milk jug!!!! Love this! Maybe some day soon I can venture into trying this! Thank you for the “inspiration”!!!!

  • gogaylego

    So, so cool! Will try using a milk jug and alcohol inks with a different design, thanks for the inspiration!