School Mascot Vinyl Decals

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School Motto Vinyl Decals

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the kids go back to school and football practice starts. You know, the time of the year when you want to put stuff all over your car to support your child. The decals sold at my son’s school are the ones that look like someone printed them out on clear plastic or white plastic and slapped it on their car.School Motto Vinyl Decals Not this Pazzles girl! My inspiration for my project today is our school shirt and our motto Pride Matters. I scanned my shirt and took the lion and vectorized it. With very little clean up and resizing it came out beautiful.
I then took the L for Liberty and added the motto to the middle of it. I have personalized car decals that blow the others away. And yes my car is in the school colors. It really wasn’t intentional, just a happy accident. I used to work with vinyl a lot but have gotten away from it in recent years. But now I’m coming up with all kinds of ideas again. Give it a try. It’s pretty easy and with the Pazzles Inspiration the limits are endless. The only problem is, everyone will want one of these awesome decals.School Motto Vinyl Decals




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4 thoughts on “School Mascot Vinyl Decals

  • meader420

    I’ve done this for year…why pay the high dollars for something I can make…I even did a vinyl for a local band…I also took our School logo “N” and made a claw layered on it for my son graduation invites…and I also have that same image made into a vinyl decal on my car…

  • joanna

    Vinyl is such fun to play with. Your project looks great using the different coloured vinyl. I expect you will get lots of orders from the rest of the team!