Creating an Inchies Card

Inchies Handmade Card

Whilst perusing Pinterest and pinning a large number of cards on my inspiration boards, I came across one in particular that inspired me to create a pretty card with my new Inspiration Vue! This was my first project completed on the Vue and I’m very excited about the results and can’t wait to try many new things.
After agonising over which patterned paper to use from my scraps I cut 6 squares measuring 2” x 2” and laid them out in a pleasing pattern. The next step was selecting coordinated paper for some circles. Once selected, I put the Vue to work cutting these six circles. Wow! She cuts fast, and so nicely!Inchies Card

From the many Pazzles Craft Room files I settled on the Butterfly, Double Curl Heart and Dimensional Bow files to make mini ‘scenes’ for each square. The remaining three squares were embellished using various supplies I had lying around in my scrap box! This little project is a great way to use up scraps of paper.

I was very impressed at how cleanly the Vue cut out each of these shapes as they were smaller than I would have cut on my Inspiration. I was particularly impressed with the butterfly antennae and how beautifully they cut. I wasn’t happy with the way the butterfly looked on my card, so I cut out the outline of it in a contrasting paper to sit behind the cut out – this looked much better. It didn’t stand out enough before-hanInchies Cardd.

Now that I had all my elements, and I was happy with the colours and the layout, I fastened everything and grabbed some bling for finishing touches.

I have to say I quite like the result! I’m going to be making more of these cards to use up the vast piles of offcuts in my craft room.


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7 thoughts on “Creating an Inchies Card

  • elliott37

    The card is very pretty and I love the “inchie” idea. Can’t wait to try one of my own. Thank you for the inspiration & instructions!

  • meheidie

    This is such a beautiful card and the fact that you made it with scraps of paper is very cool! Love it!

  • mikig1

    I love inchies and 2 inchies and ATCs as a great way to use up bits. That butterfly was the first thing I actually cut on my vue! and I too was impressed with how it came out. I will have to find the bow for the project I’m working on now.

  • flutterbelle Post author

    Thanks ladies – we all need projects that use up our scraps don’t we?! I’m beginning to think I have more scraps than full paper sheets.
    The co-ordinating paper pads are great for ‘inchies’.

  • pvknitter

    Great idea but this makes a 6×4 sized card and standard envelopes won’t work then. These would be great to hand to someone – not to mail – unless I wanted to also make my own envelopes which would just generate MORE scraps. LOL 🙂 Perhaps making the center one a one-and-a-half inchy. Or could just create the 2″ x 2″ and cut off any excess on sides. Yea! That’s what I’ll do. Such a small difference, no one will know.

  • flutterbelle Post author

    Thanks for your comments pvknitter – in Australia our standard card size is 4×6 inches, as are our photos when printed. Our envelopes are classed as C6 to fit this size.
    I’m glad you made a comment about the difference in ‘standard’ envelope sizes for other readers.
    Whichever sized ‘standard’ card you’re making, you can just cut squares that will fit exactly to your card (if that’s possible) 😀
    Happy crafting, I hope you enjoy making your inchies card 🙂