Etched Glass Gifts

Have you noticed how popular personalized gifts are? You can find everything from monograms on bathrobes to names on tote bags. When you add personalization to a handmade gift you have the perfect combination!

Today I want to show you a couple of ways you can make amazing gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Once you get going, I am willing to bet that you will come up with loads of other ways to personalize your gifts.

You can turn a simple canning jar into a special treat inside AND out. Why not make a luxurious sugar scrub or some yummy bath salts to fill the jar. When you add a beautiful etched design on the outside, the jar becomes something that will be oh-so pretty sitting by the bathtub. Be sure to download the recipes for the sugar scrub and the bath salts. Both are easy to make with simple ingredients that are easy to find.

Do you like baking goodies for friends during the holidays? Imagine the fun you will have, delivering a delicious baked bread in a baking dish that has been especially personalized for them. That goody has just been turned into long term gift. Every time they use that dish they will think of you!

An etched glass gift is easy to make in just a few steps:

mask-method-two taped-etching-stencil

Step 1: Cut the vinyl for the etching mask. Before you begin weeding, you will need to decide whether you want the design to be the etched part or if you want the etching to be around the design leaving the design in smooth glass.

Step 2: Clean the glass surface with alcohol and let dry. Use transfer tape to transfer the design to the glass container. Smooth down firmly so that there are no bubbles.

Step 3: Use blue painters tape to seal around the outside edges of the vinyl or to create an outer border for the design. You want to protect the glass from getting any etching cream on it.

Step 4: Etch the glass following the directions on the etching cream package. Watch for dripping and use the longest suggested time.

The cutting file includes designs for matching tags that can be print and cut or left blank for you to add your own stamped or handwritten message.

Glass jar or baking dish
Vinyl Transfer Tape
Etching Cream
Cardstock for Tags

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2 thoughts on “Etched Glass Gifts

  • flutterbelle

    This project is terrific! I LOVE the idea of etching the baking dish. No questions about whose dish it is when you’ve taken something to a dinner.