Digital Paper: Piano Box with Rose

Piano Gift Box

Recently I was crafting with six of our young grandchildren, ages two through 10, and wanted an easy project for them to make quickly.  I had made some musical roses from the Twirled Flower Rose file in the Pazzles Craft Room recently and needed to make more. After I made one, the children each wanted to make their own. I quickly printed some sheet music on both sides of regular printer paper, resized the Twirled flower file in the InVue software to 8” wide to fill the 8.5”x11” paper, and the children were dazzled as they watched the Vue cutter make swirls around the printed paper on the mat.

Musical Paper Rolled Rose

I showed them how to start wrapping the outside end of the cut strip around a pencil, and keep wrapping until all of the paper was wrapped. We put some clear drying glue on the last inside bit of paper, set it on the table and let it unwrap until we liked the size. We used the handle of a small paint brush to curl the edges of each petal outward. This helped the flowers unwind a bit more, creating a lovely effect. We let them dry a few days, as the children were very liberal with the Yes Paste I let them use.  The flowers measuring about 3.5” in diameter turned out lovely, even those that unraveled in the two and three-year-olds’ tiny hands. A quick rewind, another dab of glue, and they were ready to use.

A couple of days later as I was staring at the pile of musical roses in my craftroom, I was trying to think of a project to which I could add these flowers. I searched the Pazzles Craft Room Library for musical images and found the Piano Card. A variation of this card on top of a small box would make a lovely platform for this flower. I found a matchbox to resize to fit the card.

I needed a place for a gift tag, and found a label on the Twisted Square Label Easel Card in the Pazzles Craft Room Library that would fit nicely under the keyboard portion of the card. I resized the label to fit the area under the keys.  A narrow strip of paper bent at each end and glued to the box top and under the open cover added the finishing touches to my piano box.

Piano Box with Musical Rose

Our grandchildren loved my box, and wanted to make their own. I was glad I had saved their abandoned roses from earlier in the week. One at a time, I helped them fold the box parts and card on the score lines. The outer box just needed a bit of glue along the tab to attach to the opposite side, and it was done. Each of the four corners of the drawer needed a dab of glue, and we put a little glue on the folded ends of the thin paper stick to hold the card lid up. We glued the white piece of the keyboard on the closed card, and glued the black keys over the white ones. Finally we glued the tag on the inside of the card.

They were all so excited about their new piano boxes, and carefully cradled them on their laps as they loaded the van to make the long trip home. One of them put cards in the drawer, which made me think that it would be a perfect place for them to put their music flash cards!  My music students are always losing their flash cards, so this would be a perfect gift for them.

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Recollections Black Paper
White photo paper
Digital music paper: Download the digital sheet music PDF file How Firm A Foundation included above, print back-to-back, on regular printer paper.
Quick drying glue of your choice.





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5 thoughts on “Digital Paper: Piano Box with Rose

  • bzyptmom28

    This is beautiful–and functional too! What a perfect place to store music flash cards or the piano lesson assignment notebook.

  • smartpazzler

    Julie, I absolutely love this! You’re a woman after my own heart: music, roses and a fun place to stash tiny things all in the same great project!

  • sieglinde

    Love it!!! How talented you are! I have some friends that are musicians and this would be perfect to hold a small gift like guitars picks! Thank you so much for sharing this.