Single Stroke Designs and Fonts

Single Stroke Fonts
Did you know that there is an entire category in the Image Library that is dedicated to Single Stroke Designs? Single Stroke Designs are a non-cuttable design that is optimized for use with the Pen Tool, Engraving Tool and Embossing Tool. It can also be fabulous for use with the Piercing Tool and Distressing Tool with a few adjustments.

To find the Single Stroke Designs on the website or from inside the InVue software, just go to the Library and find the Single Stroke Category. There are many different types there and I recommend taking some time to really look at them and use them with your projects.ssdesign

In addition to the Single Stroke designs, there are also the Single Stroke Fonts. These are a great way to add sentiments, journaling and more to your projects. You can find these Single Stroke
Fonts when you click on the T on your left toolbar and go to the fonts. Just to the right of the fonts, you will see a box, if you click on it, it will show TrueType (TT) or Single Stroke (SS) or both together (T/S). To quickly get to the Single Stroke fonts, click until it shows SS. If you are on T/S, the Single Stroke fonts will be at the very bottom of the list. If you want more Single Stroke fonts, be sure and jump over to the Pazzles store and pick up a few more.

Keep in mind when you are using Single Stroke Designs that you will not be able to cut them out, so you may want to add an outline or possibly place them on a shape. This can add so much fun and detail to any project.

I love using the Single Stroke Designs and Single Stroke fonts in most of my projects. I use my Pazzles Pen Tool the majority of the time, but find it is fun to add a little embossing or engraved line as well, to add just a little more depth or detail.

If you haven’t checked out the Single Stroke Designs or Single Stroke fonts recently, I recommend you take a few minutes and see what you can use.





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  • michael

    Thank you for the red arrows.They are extremely helpful to those of us whom are “senior” pazzles people!