Mermaid Font and T-shirt

I am ALL about this mermaid trend. The Little Mermaid was released in my childhood and ever since then I have always had dreams of being a mermaid. I’m already 50% there!

When I looked around for mermaid fonts though I was a little disappointed. There were some that were sort of what I wanted, but nothing that perfectly captured that mermaid vibe. I knew if I felt that way, I know there must be a lot of other people too! So I made this mermaid font.

This is really several fonts combined in to one. Each letter has a variation without a tail (bottom left). The tail option also comes designs for paper piecing (top left) and for vinyl or iron-on (bottom right) and, in case you need it, a matching lower case (top right).

Mix and match the fonts to get the look that you want. These would be so fun for a girl’s name wouldn’t they? I used them to create this t-shirt which I am now totally in love with. I was going to give it as a gift but nope, I’m keeping this!

I used iron-on materials from each of the Pazzles Iron-on kits. The variations in textures gives this a really nice, professional look.

If you haven’t worked with iron-on before, you will love it! It is very easy to cut, a lot like vinyl in that regard. Here are some easy instructions you can follow:


1. Be sure to mirror the design before cutting.
2. Check to ensure you are cutting on the side of the iron-on that is the iron-on and NOT the plastic backing.
3. After cutting, peel away the extra iron-on around your design and in-between letters as well.
4. Center and then iron down one color at a time. I put a cloth over top and used the highest setting on my iron. Take care not to scorch your shirt.
5. Repeat for additional colors.
6. Let cool completely and then remove the plastic backing.
7. Add rhinestone accents if desired and iron them down.

If you are not a Craft Room member and are purchasing the collection, the Mermaid Vibes design will be included in your download along with all 26 letters in their four variations. Files come in three formats: AI, SVG, and WPC.

Flocked Iron-on in Pink and Blue
Glitter Iron-on in Green
Solid Iron-on in Silver
White t-shirt

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Amanda Vander Woude




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