Upcycle Watering Can

Pazzles DIY Upcycle Watering Can by Renee Smart

Upcycle Watering Can Using A Laundry Detergent Bottle

Recycle and reuse an empty laundry detergent bottle to make a handy and cute upcycle watering can to care for your potted plants (especially great for your workspace plants.). Just get your favorite colors of Pazzles vinyl and create this fabulous and usable watering can.

Pazzles DIY Upcycle Watering Can by Renee Smart

Recycle and Save

Can you think of a better way to conserve than turning a plastic container in to watering can rather than throw it away? I can’t! This upcycle watering can is the perfect way to conserve and, let’s be honest, it’s adorable! You can water your plants and do double duty taking care of the environment!

Pazzles DIY Upcycle Watering Can by Renee Smart

Creating the Top on the Upcycle Watering Can

If you would like to get the “shower” effect from your watering can, you will need to put holes in the lid of your container. There are probably many ways to do this, but I used a rotary tool with a small drill bit. Those plastic lids are usually pretty thick so you’ll want something with some muscle (that may or may not include significant others)!

Tips for Removing Labels

I’ve included lots of tips on how to remove any labels that might be on your laundry detergent container so no matter what type of detergent bottle you are using, there should be some very handy tips for you!

This adorable upcycle watering can will take you a little time to finish but every bit of plastic saved is a huge help to the environment and you will have an adorable watering can for your flowers!

Pazzles Vinyl – in your choice of colors for flowers, black for title
Empty liquid laundry detergent bottle (about 45 ounce)
Pazzles transfer tape
Reusable modeling dough
1 sheet printer paper

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Pazzles DIY Upcycle Watering Can by Renee Smart

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