Fold Over Box

Here we are already on day 4 of the 12 boxes of Christmas! If you haven't already make sure to check out days 1-3 of our boxes; you really don't want to miss them! December seems to go by so quickly and no matter how much planning and preparing we do, there always seems to be a gift or two that you really need in a hurry! That's why this box is so perfect, it is a very simple box and so fast! It literally takes one sheet of paper and some ribbon. It would be great to hold a pair of socks, a handkerchief, gloves or anything that just needs a quick wrap.

December 4th and 6th Classes

Sunday-We are going to show you a really cool technique that will help you create a 'see through' title. We are going to be using some different open type fonts, plus we will show you how to create your own open fonts. If you go HERE, you can see an example of the type of titles we are talking about. It is the word Exploring. They are a lot of fun and will add a really nice pop to your scrapbooks, cards or even wall art. Tuesday-There is NO CLASS. If you haven't had a chance to come to a class, this will be a really fun one to start with. It is easy enough for beginners, but has enough punch for more advanced students. To join the class, just go to Klo's Classroom and enter the classroom. Enter as a guest and enjoy learning with us. Classes start on Sunday at 8pm CST and Tuesday at 1pm CST

Decorative Gift Basket

For several years we have celebrated the Christmas season with you by doing a series of 12 projects based on a theme. Two years ago we did the 12 Tags of Christmas and last year we did the 12 Ornaments of Christmas. Make sure to check out those projects because they are still just as awesome as the day they were posted! This year we really wanted to "wow" you with our 12 days of Christmas project series. After much debate we settled on doing the 12 BOXES of Christmas. We know how much you love dimensionals and we also know that they can be pretty intimidating to make. So let us help you out this season with 12 boxes that will leave your guests and recipients "ooing" and "awwing" all the way in to next year!

Classes-November 27 and 29

Sunday Class-Using Vinyl in our Gift Making Tuesday Class-Personalizing Gift Card Holders The Holidays are upon us, so the next few weeks of classes are going to be projects and ideas towards creating and making gifts using our Pazzles. I hope you will join us. Simply go to Klo's Classroom and Enter the Classroom. Select Guest, type your name in and join us. If you can't make the classes, we do record them and you can watch them at your leisure. Classes on Sunday start at 8:00pm CST (Chicago) and Tuesday at 1:00pm CST (Chicago)

Just a Bunch of Turkey’s ...

There is just something about the personality of these turkeys as they come to life on this 2-page scrapbook layout that will have you laughing out loud as you make it!

November 20 and 22 Classes

Sunday will be a Question and Answer session. I haven't done one of these in a while. If you have a specific issue or question you would like to address in the class, please email me privately at Tuesday we will be creating a simple Holiday Card for those of you that want to get them ready and sent out in a timely manner. If you have never attended a class, be sure and join us. Sunday classes are at 8pm CST and Tuesday Classes are at 1pm CST. To join, just go to Klo's Classroom under the Community Tab and Enter the classroom.

November Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Catherine for being this months Challenge Winner. Catherine gets to choose her own prize from prize list. If you haven't had a chance to go see the fun projects that everyone did, be sure and go take a look. Be sure and join us for the next challenge, this is a great way to make sure you are using your Pazzles machine and learning fun new things.

November Challenge

DON'T FORGET-Tomorrow is the 15th and the last day to post your Challenge It's all about Perspective! That is the challenge this month. We are going to be using the perspective and 3D Rotation tool that is so fun and easy to use, but many times we forget it is there.

No Classes Sunday or Tuesday

There will be no classes this week. I will be in Idaho, finishing off my travels for the year. I'll see you next week.

Classes-November 6 and November 8

There will be no class on Sunday, November 6, 2011. I will be traveling home from Ontario, CA. Tuesday, November 8, we will be creating a leaf border, that is like the pop up punches. It will be fun to use for cards, boxes, layouts, etc. Be sure and join us on Tuesday at 1:00pm CST. Simply go to Community, then down to Klo's Classroom and join the class. Select sign in as guest, type in your name and you are in. If you are unable to make the class, be sure and check out the recorded class later in the week.

Autumn Layout Project

I absolutely LOVE Autumn. I love the colors, I love that it is getting cooler, I love that it means Winter is just around the corner for me and that I will be able to 'hole' up and do some crafting. I can take NO CREDIT for this layout, it was completely done by my best friend, Stephanie aka Simply Steph (whom many of you have met at different conventions around the country). When I saw it, I knew it had to be a project, because it is so beautiful. So I asked Stephanie if I could use it for my project this month, and to my joy, she said YES. I hope you enjoy and love it as much as I do.

Classes for October 30 and ...

First off, where on earth did October go? Sunday's class is going to be the Print and Cut class that was cancelled on Tuesday due to internet problems here. Tuesday's class will be taught in the Pro 2010 Software. We are going to show you how to create a stenciled look in 3 different ways. If you haven't had a chance to join us for a live class yet, now is a great time to do that. Just go to Klo's Classroom (under Community) and click on Join. Don't worry if you miss it, because it will be recorded and put on the Klo's Classroom page with the other past classes.

Classes-October 23 and October 25, ...

Sunday-Outlines, Perspective and Shadows, Oh my!! We are going to be showing you some fun ways to add some different looks to your titles or even an image, that are a little outside of the box. Tuesday-Print and Cut/Cut and Print-We are going to revisit print and cut/cut and print. This is a fun way to use clip art and other printed images. If you have never been to a class, it is very easy to join us. Simply go to Klo's Classroom and click on Join Class. Classes are on Sunday at 8:00pm (CST) and Tuesday at 1:00pm (CST). Don't be alarmed if you can't join us, all classes are recorded and made available for you to watch when it is more convenient for you.

Classes for October 9th and ...

Classes are cancelled for both October 9th and October 11th. On the 9th I will be hosting my own scrapbook convention in my hometown. On the 11th, I will be en route to Boise, ID for the first ever Pazzles Retreat! Hope to see some of you there!! Be sure and check out the archives on the Klo's Classroom page if you haven't already. There are over 100 classes there (yes I counted *grin*) and TONS of information for you to take advantage of!

Pumpkin Treat Boxes

October Challenge

I am so excited about this months challenge because it came about because of yesterday's class of creating a Treat Box. The Challenge is to use the Treat Box Base file and create your very own fun Treat Box. The ONLY shape you cannot use for this challenge is an actual pumpkin, because I want you to stretch yourself and come up with another fun shape that will create a cute box.

Classes October 2 and October ...

Sunday's Class is going to be a fun project. We are going to make a Pumpkin Treat Box. If you want to do this with me, you will just need to have some cardstock and adhesive to put it together. I will personally be using orange, green and brown cardstock. I may also have some 'accent' pieces like ribbon or brads, so if you want some matching things like that, have those available as well. Tuesday's Class is going to be a repeat of Sunday's Class. We may try a few different 'looks', but it will be the same basic concept. I hope you will join me for the classes. If for some reason, you are unable to make it, be sure and check out the archives on the Klo's Classroom page. Sunday's Class will start at 8:00pm CST and Tuesday's Class starts at 1:00pm CST.

Classes September 25 and September ...

Sundays class we are going to be showing you how to use the fonts on Rhinestone CD. You can use this CD with your original software, so even if you don't have the Pro 2010 software that allows you to create your own templates, you can still create wonderful Rhinestone Templates. We will also look at some other fun things you can do. Tuesdays class-Paper Piecing. I am going to show you how to put together a paper piecing that is already created. It will help answer the questions of line colors, line guides, etc If you haven't joined us before, now is a great time to do so. Simply go to Klo's Classroom and Enter the Classroom. Click on sign in as guest, put your name in and get ready to learn and share. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 8pm CST and Tuesday at 1pm CST and of course, if you can't make the class, we will record it and you will be able to find it in Klo's Classroom.

September Challenge Winner

Congratulations to our winner daffyd1963. Not only did she show us her amazing title, she also shared the file, so you can cut your very own. Have you seen the really cool projects that were created in the September Challenge? We used the DISTORTION TOOL and there are some really great ideas there. Be sure and go take a look here. Thank you to everyone that participated. It was really fun to see the different ideas and concepts used.

No Class Sunday Reminder and ...

Just a quick reminder, there will not be a class this Sunday. Tuesday's Class is going to be in the Pro 2010 software. I haven't got a specific topic at the moment, but it will be fun and exciting, I promise. I hope you will join us on Tuesday at 1:00pm Central Time Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on join. Put your name in the guest spot and come on in.

Schoolhouse Mini Album (or Wedding ...

Over the last few weeks, I have been watching my friends post over on Facebook their first day of school pictures. It has been especially fun to see those that have seniors, because they are posting both the very first day of school ever photos, along with first day of senior year. As I have been seeing these photos, it really got me more excited about this weeks project of the Schoolhouse Mini Album. As I worked on this album, I also realized, it could very easily become a church. What a great way to display some of your favorite wedding day photos, or what about a baptism or confirmation?

Classes for September 4 and ...

This weeks Sunday class we will be working in the new Pro 2010 software. We will be working with the Fit Object to Path. This is becoming a favorite tool of mine and I can hardly wait to share some of the different things I have been learning with it. Tuesday class will be creating your nesting style files. This can open so many ideas for you. I hope you will join us on Sunday at 8:00pm Central Time or Tuesday at 1:00pm Central Time Just go to Klo's Classroom and click on join. Put your name in the guest spot and come on in.

September Challenge

For September's Challenge we are going to be focusing on the Distortion Tool. This is an easy tool to use, but is also very under used, because I think that we sometimes forget it is there. If you haven't used or discovered this tool yet, there is a video (about 3/4 down page) as well as our class from Tuesday, August 30, 2011 to help you see some of the potential and fun of this tool

Classes for August 28 and ...

Sunday's Class, we are going to be working with the Magic Wand aka Contour Tool. We are going to show you how to use it for more than just Print and Cut. So bring your questions and ideas and join us. Tuesday's Class we will be getting all out of shape and working with the Distortion Tool. It is a fun, under used tool. Join us in the Classroom at Sunday at 8:00pm Central Time and Tuesday at 1:00pm Central Time. Just click on Join the Room and sign in as a guest. We will see you there.

Drink Collar

August is here and for many of you that means the heat is really settling in. So this project is just a little reminder to HYDRATE yourself! Drink that water people! This cute and simple project is great for mass producing water bottles for any outdoor event including sports games, practices, weddings, and pool parties. Today's project is also special because we are giving it away to EVERYONE for FREE. Just a little gift from us to you to thank you for being part of the Pazzles family! We are also providing the SVG for this cutting file for those of you that are using MTC or SCAL with your Inspiration!

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