Color Palette (March 18 & ...

We are going to revisit the very important Color Palette this week. We are going to start with the basics and take you through creating your own color palette. We will be working in both the original software that came with your Pazzles and also with the Pro 2010 software. Knowing the color palette will help you with designing, outlining and cutting, so don't miss this. This class is going to be perfect for beginners and advanced alike, so be sure and join us. We had daylight savings time last weekend in the US, so if you live where they haven't done daylight savings yet (or you don't do daylight savings), please be sure to make adjustments to your time. This is the Time Conversion chart, but it does not account for the daylight savings. Classes are Sunday evening 7pm CST, Monday morning 5am CST and Monday afternoon 1pm CST. To join us, simply go to Klo's Classroom, click on Enter Classroom and sign in as a Guest.

March Challenge

The challenge is GREEN this month. You can interpret that anyway you choose. After you are finished, just post your challenge into the March Challenge Folder. Remember, the challenge is not a contest, it is an opportunity for you to push yourself to use your Pazzles and learn more about it. If you are a beginner, use a shape or do a project to help you feel more comfortable cutting. If you are advanced, I'd love to see you stretch yourself, but of course you are free to do anything you want as long as it is GREEN or has GREEN in it somewhere.

Classes-March 4 & 5

This week we are going to get Back to the Basics with Fonts and creating titles. We will start with the basics and then move on to really showing how to manipulate the letters and get the look you want. This is a great class for beginners and advanced alike. If you haven't joined us for a class yet, just go to Klo's Classroom and click on Enter Classroom. You will then join as a guest. If you want to see past classes, be sure and go check out the past classes in the Archives. Classes are on Sunday at 7pm CST, Monday at 5am CST and 1pm CST. If you aren't sure what time that is where you live, be sure and check out the Time Conversion Chart.

No Class February 26-27

Just a reminder that there is not a class this week. I am at the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim. It is a 3-day show, so we are there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'd love to see you, so be sure and stop by the booth. Take the opportunity to review some past classes or videos this week during the regular class time and be sure to share what you are doing.

February Challenge Winner

Congratulations to shelissarodriguez for being this months Challenge Winner. She gets to choose from the prizes listed on the Challenge Page. If you haven't had a chance to see all the great Valentine's created, be sure to go over to the February 2012 Challenge folder and check them out. So many of these projects can be used anytime, so why not take some time and do one yourself.

Classes-February 19-20

We are going to be creating our very own One Sheet Wonders. These are a great way to use an entire sheet of paper to create layouts, cards, etc. I use this concept to do power planning and layouts. It allows me to get a lot of layouts and cards done quickly have them them look great. This can be a great class for beginners all the way up to advanced. We will be using drawing tools, justification, line guides, scissors and others. Join us for class on Sunday at 8pm CST, Monday 5am CST and Monday 1pm CST. Simply go to Klo's Classroom and Enter Classroom, join as a Guest. Be sure and check the Time Zone Conversion Chart to see what time it starts in your part of the world

No Classes this week

Just a reminder, I am in Las Vegas at the Pazzles Retreat and will not be traveling home until Monday, so there are no classes this week. I look forward to seeing you next week, but since we aren't having a class this week, how about catching up on past classes in Klo's Classroom or watch some Video's you haven't seen, or need a refresher on.

Classes-February 5 & 6

There will NOT be a class on Sunday. (I will be traveling home that day) Classes will be at regular times on Monday. This week we are going to be adding a new twist to spirals. So come learn and create with me on Monday at 5am CST or 1pm CST. Be sure and check the Time Conversion Chart to find out what time it starts in your area. If you have never joined us for a class all you need to do is go to Klo's Classroom and enter the classroom. Just sign in as a guest and enjoy.

Heart Top Box

This super easy treat box has a heart shaped window and top. A great last minute box to make.

January 29, 30 Classes

As mentioned in last week's classes, there will be NO CLASSES this week. I will be at the CHA Show in Anaheim, CA. Have a wonderful week and take this opportunity to check out the Videos here on the Craft Room, or take some time going through past classes.

Exploding Card

Many of you have seen this card (okay, not this exact card, but one like it) in the booth during the 2011 conventions. I had told you that I would put it up as a project sometime and guess what? It's sometime. *smile*

Classes-January 22 & 23

In this week's class we will be learning how to create pop up cards. We will have fun learning to pop up words to add something fun and special to your cards or even a surprise on a layout. Don't forget, there are now THREE class times available. Find the time that works best for you by looking at the Time Zone Conversion chart. Remember, class times and days have changed, so be sure and check the chart on Klo's Classroom. If you haven't had a chance to join us before, just go to Klo's Classroom, click on Enter the Classroom and log in as a Guest at class time.

January Challenge Winner

This was another FABULOUS CHALLENGE. It was so wonderful to see people stretching outside of their comfort zone to try something they hadn't done before. If you haven't seen the different projects that were put up, be sure and jump on over to check it out in the January Challenge folder. Congratulations to our winner, wranglersport. She stepped out of the box and tried the Photo Cut Tool for the first time. Then she put it on a layout to make it even more fabulous. If you want to try the Photo Cut tool, you can learn about it here, with a video from Christine, or go to Klo's Classroom and watch Class #10 from the January 6-9, 2012 Marathon of Classes. So what are you waiting for? Even if you didn't submit an entry to the challenge, you can still take the challenge and try something new to you today. We'd still love to see it.

Classes-PLEASE READ-changes

For those that were unable to attend the marathon of classes last weekend, you may not have heard of the day and time changes. So here is the Official Announcement. There are now going to be THREE classes each week. Sunday class will now start at 7pm CST, we have added a Monday morning class that starts at 5am CST and the Tuesday class has been moved to Monday at 1pm CST. We hope with these changes, that we will get into your time zone during normal waking hours and hopefully at least one evening hour, this is WORLD WIDE, but be sure and check out the TIME TABLE for corresponding time.

Marathon of Classes January 6-9

The marathon of classes will begin at 1:00pm CST on Friday, January 6, 2012. We will start the first class with the very basics and a little bit of an overview of some of the things that we will be doing throughout the weekend. Each class will last about an hour.  Then we will take a break.  At the end of each class, I will tell you what time the next class starts, plus it will be posted on the classroom wall. (Generally between 1 and 3 hour break)  I will also post each recorded class at the end of each class, so if you miss one, you can watch it right a way.

January Challenge

Happy New Year! In the spirit of New Year's Resolutions this month's challenge is to try something new with your Pazzle's machine. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it's something you've never tried before. If you need help with the how to's of your project, make sure to check out the awesome Craft Room video tutorials or the archives in Klo's Classroom. This is the perfect challenge for a beginner who has never cut their first project or the master who needs to step out of their own comfort zone. If you are new to Pazzles and don't know about our challenges, go to the Challenge page and read all about it. When you get your project done, be sure and put it in the January Challenge Folder.

Classes-January 1 and 3

Just a reminder, No classes this week...but get ready for the MARATHON OF CLASSES starting next Friday, January 6, 2012. We will be starting a 1pm CST. Happy New Year to everyone.

Classes-December 25 and 27

Just a reminder, there will be no classes this week or next week. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you in the New Year. PLEASE NOTE: The Marathon of Classes will be January 6,7 & 8, 2012. (the original date was going to be January 13-15, but they will be running an update on the class site during that time). During the Marathon of Classes, we will have classes going on 24 hours, with 2-3 hour breaks between each class to either sleep or get the project from the previous session done. Some of the things that you will want to have on hand if you plan to work a long with us is the rubber that is used with the rubber stamps and rhinestones, (if you don't have the rubber stamp kit, I'd recommend it, but it is not required) the foam cling for rubber stamps (this comes in the rubber stamp kit), vinyl, stencil material, cardstock, pattern paper and basic crafting supplies. I am planning on doing some different things with the accessory tools as well (pen, piercing, embossing, engraving, distressing and pastry), but have not figured out the details on those yet, so may only get to part of the tools during the actual marathon.

December Challenge WINNERS

WOW...WOW...WOW! That is what I consistently said for the December Challenge as I watched each entry posted. It has been so amazing to see all the wonderful things that people have been doing with the 12 Boxes of Christmas. I cannot explain to you how amazing it has been to see so many people participate. There were a few people that did every single box and there were some that did just one, regardless the response has been fabulous. It has been fun to see those from our Pazzle veterans to Pazzle beginners actually making their very first projects from the boxes. The amazing part is that every single box is absolutely terrific.

Classes-December 18 and 20

My apologies first for not having this post yesterday, I'm still fighting this silly sickness and my days have been a bit mixed up. Sunday Class-We will be sharing some ideas for things to do throughout the holidays using your Pazzles. Tuesday Class-This is the last class before Christmas and the day before Chanukah/Hannukah starts, so we will be answering any last minute questions that you may be trying to have prepared for your special holiday.

December Challenge

DON'T FORGET, we EXTENDED this Challenge through December 21, 2011 to give you more time to get them done. Read below for more details! Be sure and check out the AWESOME Entries so far (there are almost 100) and REMEMBER, the winners are chosen by RANDOM Drawing. December’s Challenge is going to go hand in hand with the 12 Boxes of Christmas. The challenge will be to make boxes with us as they are posted each day.

Sleigh Box

This cute Sleigh Box was inspired by the Christmas Villages that I see in many different stores. I have always loved the scenes in the winter movies of the sleighs dashing through the snow. The shape of the sleigh is especially appealing to me

Classes-December 11th and 13th

Sunday-We will be going through all the 12 Boxes of Christmas. (even though we will only be to Box #11) We have had a lot of people asking questions about score lines, etc. So we will go through them to show you how to make adjustments if you need to. If you want to follow along in this class, be sure to download all of them prior to class. This way those of you that haven't finished them up for the Challenge because of questions can have them answered. Remember, we have extended the challenge to the the 20th and you can entire one time with every box (that is up to 12 times). Plus there will be 12 winners. Tuesday-We will learning to create our own Etching Cream templates using Vinyl. We will go through the entire process. If you have never been to a class before, this is a great week to start. We have done some chat adjustments, so it will be much easier to ask questions and to follow along, without the confusion of an open chat during class. To join us, just go to Klo's Classroom and Enter the Classroom. You don't need to sign in, just join as a guest. Sunday's class starts at 8:00pm CST (Chicago Time) Tuesday's Class starts 1:00pm CST (Chicago Time)

December Challenge Reminder

Well, the first six boxes for the 12 Boxes of Christmas have been posted and the response to them has been AWESOME. It is so exciting seeing all the boxes showing up in the December Challenge folder. I just wanted to put up a reminder for those that make have missed it, about the December Challenge. It is going along with the 12 Boxes of Christmas. Be sure and take a minute to go read about it again if you missed it. Remember, there are going to be 12 winners for this challenge. Also, remember it is by random drawing, so everyone has the chance.

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