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Quick and easy projects using images from the Craft Room Library

Organization Week: Craft Stash Oganization

Hi, it’s Belle here today sharing a project to help organize yourself or your craft stash! For those who know me, I love to organize (a lot). Funny thing is, I’m not always as organized as I’d like to be, but I love organizing just the same. This little project is something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while – labeling my little jars that have my paper flowers in them with a ‘better than average’ label! That’s where this simple Craft Room Library Flower file came in handy. With only four sets of paper to cut, it was a quick project to complete. I chose two simple shades of pink for my flowers, the same green for both of the leaves and then the white centre of the flower meant my text was easy to read.

Hershey Nugget Wrappers

Hershey Nugget Wrappers

I see that Hershey Nugget Wrapper printables are really big in the USA, so I thought I would […]

New Years Eve Crackers

I was not aware of “crackers” until I became an adult. They are just as fun for me as for kids! There are two cracker files in the Pazzles Craft Room that you can use for any special occasion, Cracker Box and Cracker Box 2 . Today I have dressed them up for New Years! These are very easy to assemble. I also added Print & Cut images from the Happy New Year Title as a bonus decoration.

Deer Tea Light Holders

Brrrr! Its cold outside and winter is in full swing. Soon all the holidays will be over, the Christmas décor will come down and we will be writing 2015 on our checks before we know it! I like to keep my house festive and fun during the winter months as they are usually the months we spend the most time inside. I created these little deer tea lights to add a little sparkle to my kitchen table winter scene. They are very simple to assemble and are a fun addition to my table.

Pen Tool Ornament Bauble

Pen Tool Ornament Bauble

There are some great tools available to use with your Pazzles Inspiration or Vue. One my favourites is the Pazzles Pen Tool There is so much you can do with it. I like to use it to draw an outline of text in a fancy font and then free-hand colour in the rest of the design. This works particularly well with glitter pens. Today, I’ve chosen a simple, yet elegant Holiday Bulb file with lovely detail to be drawn in metallic blue pen on pale blue cardstock. I created an outline for the bulb too and then cut it out so it could be the feature for my holiday card. This file can be resized however you'd like it to fit your project, and would make a great file for a group of cards in the same design in different coloured card stock and metallic or glitter pen.

Christmas Print and Cut Sticker ...

Joanna here with a quick Print and Cut project for you to make your own Christmas sticker labels. I decided to make several sheets of stickers to add as decoration to my brown paper wrapping using my Pazzles Inspiration Vue. I have used several of Miss Kate Cuttables files which I imported into my software. On the larger present, to the front left of the photo I used the Be Merry Title. You just need to spend a few moments layering up the elements. I constantly referred to the image in the Pazzles Craft Room, to help align everything up correctly. I also used a selection of the Christmas Tags in the Pazzles Library and followed the same process. I removed the ribbon holes on some of the designs as they were not required for stickers. Once the title and tags were looking how I wanted, I made an outline of the outer cutting line. As I was putting my stickers onto brown wrapping paper, I thought a white outline would make the stickers stand out on my presents.

Gingerbread Village: Townspeople

It's the day of the candy parade in our gingerbread village and all of the townspeople are lining the streets to wave hello to the gingerbread floats. You'll see a few ice skaters, a snowman, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and all the other characters that make up this sweet village.

Gingerbread Village: Kids

It's always winter in our gingerbread village and that means the children spend many hours out in the snow. Nutmeg is the town's most fearless sledding champion. When the snow piles up against the eves of the house she starts on the roofs and uses the eves as snow jumps. She sometimes lands so hard she gets buried in the frosting snow and has to eat her way out.

Gingerbread Village: Man and Woman

When the sugar snow starts falling and the frosting hills start shifting and drifting, the gingerbread families hunker down in their houses. But when the sun is shining, the entire town is out and about shopping and visiting.

Gingerbread Village: Sled

On cold, frosty days the gingerbread children gather on the biggest hill for some sledding fun! Their cries of excitement can be heard all over the village. When the day warms up and the sled runners start to get sticky, they lick the marshmallow frosting off their mittens and head home.

Christmas Tree Pieced Card Two ...

Do you have your Christmas cards done yet? I am still working on mine. Every year I try to design an easy card that I can duplicate pretty effortlessly so I can get them done on time. But then there are a few special people who mean the world to me and I want to send them a special card. Maybe something a little more creative. A card they will know I spent time on just for them! But during this time of year, who has time to design a whole different card? Not me! So instead I took my original design and vamped it up! On the simpler card I used the Tree, Squirrel and Ribbon Banner files from the Craft Room. The snowflake is in the Pro 2014 software image gallery and I used the drawing tool to create the star, then I assembled them in a pretty basic design.

Christmas Cards Set

Happy Holidays Christmas Cards Two ...

From CAS (clean and simple) to just a little more fancy, whichever you prefer, this card has you covered. Clean and Simple Christmas Card First I made a simple card by drawing a rectangle and giving it a ducktail (ribbon) end. I duplicated and then resized them, giving me a step effect. I cut out the banners in simple red and green paper. I then cut a piece of white to fit the front of my card and used my Pazzles Pen Tool to add Happy Holidays with the Alex Brush font. I added it all to a premade card base to create a very simple, and easily duplicated holiday card, which comes in handy if you have to make a lot of them.

Christmas Elf Ideas

Elf Approved Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

Hide your marshmallows and lock down the pantry, the Elves are coming! So many people are participating in the fun Christmas Elf tradition, that we wanted to have a little elf fun this year too. Introducing our Elf Approved Cutting Collection featuring 10 complete Christmas Elf ideas with cutting files and instructions. Make this fun tradition part of your home!

Candy Cane Christmas Cards Two ...

Hi fellow Pazzlers, Joanna here with you to share two Christmas cards using my Pazzles Inspiration. One is a Print and Cut card that can be made in bulk and the other is using the same design but paper pieced. The second card is more time consuming to make, therefore you would possibly only wish to make these for your closest friends! I sized the cards exactly the same and used the rhinestone feature on both the base cards. Instead of using rhinestones which would be quite expensive I filled the rhinestone design with a red fill and red line colour, then Print and Cut my base card. Print & Cut Candy Cane Christmas Card I created my rectangle for the inside white card and made an outline for the red card. Check out the Video Tutorial on Creating an Outline, which will help you with this process. I imported the Candy Cane cutting file into my software, which I found in the Pazzles Library.

Thnaksgiving Kid's Table

Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Activity Mat

I love Thanksgiving, not just for all the delicious food, but for the feeling in the air too. As a kid I loved how the adults sat at one table and all of us cousins got to sit at another table decorated especially for us. To carry on my favorite childhood memory I decided to create a project designed with your own little turkeys in mind this Thanksgiving. Use this fun activity placemat, cup and napkin ring set to keep little hands busy while they wait for dinner to be served. Let them decorate their own cups and listen to them giggle as they “gobble” up cherished memories this Thanksgiving.

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

Printable Cherry Pie Slice

A delicious print and cut project that is 'easy as pie' to make! The back of the box opens so you can tuck small treats or treasures inside.

Make Your Own Comic Book

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Archie and Friends. I loved racing to the mailbox on Friday after school to get my comic book. It got me thinking about some silly pictures I have and how some of the photos deserve to have a timeline story told about them. Maybe you have a series of photos start to finish; like teenagers getting ready for prom, cute proposals, funny wedding parties. There’s bound to be some treasurable memories with some noteworthy stories. Create captions and headings for your photographs and have fun sharing your comical life adventures in your own comic book series..

Halloween Paper Projects Top 10

We've had many new Craft Room Members join us in the past few months! Welcome! Whether you have just joined us or have been a part of the Craft Room for a while, there is so much Halloween inspiration available to you. I thought it would be fun to do a Top 10 list of sorts and share some of our favorite spooky paper projects. Get started now and you can make all 10 before October 31! 1. Haunted Halloween Village Part 1: Backdrop Part 2: Graveyard Part 3: Creatures of the Night Part 4: Haunted Mansion


Halloween Bat Tube Favors

Joanna here today, with a Halloween themed blog post. It’s that time of the year when we can go Batty at Halloween. It is such fun to make all those treat favors for the kids…….you can just let your imagination run! I have used an existing file in the Craft Room Library, using the Pillow Box Bat. I decided to tweak the file so that I could make a snug wrap around my plastic food safe tubes. I have included the file for you, so all the hard work has been done. If you use larger or smaller tubes you may need to resize the wrap.

WCMD: Create a Winter Scene ...

Thank you so much for playing along with us today! It's been fun celebrating with you! We have one more technique to share. Use Pazzles Stencil Plastic to create snowy backgrounds for your projects. Cut your stencil from stencil plastic and lay it on top of your card. Holding it firmly in place, carefully spread Gesso (or paint) over the stencil in a thin coat. Peel up your stencil and let it dry for a cool textured effect.

WCMD: Picture Perfect Day Camera ...

This is a great card to send to a friend that you are just thinking about. Behind the fun lens, you can put a greeting or maybe a fun photo. To create this card, I used my Pen Tool to give the lens details and add a nice look across the bottom. After using the Pen Tool, I cut all of my pieces out. I then glued the vellum behind the viewer and the acetate for the lens on the back of the card, then I attached the single camera piece over them to give the inside a clean look.

60th Shutter Card

60th Birthday Shutter Card

August is such a crazy month for our family with birthdays what feels like every other day! It’s not just our immediate family, but many friends as well. It’s a busy, but happy month. I may be my own worst enemy, but for some reason I don’t often re-create the same card design. I like to do unique designs for each person. However, there was a card I made earlier this year that looked so striking I used it for my inspiration for this one. You can’t go wrong with the Fun Folds Card Collections – for this project I’ve selected the Shutter Card with the oval on the front face. I have omitted the oval and replaced it with the Vintage Frame file instead.

Make A Monster Project Pattern

Pazzles Project Pattern: Make A ...

Just in time to delight your Halloween goblins and ghouls, we have a new Project Pattern: Make A Monster. You'll find all the monster parts you need to create a dozen or more little monster characters. Once they are designed, cut them out or print and cut them to make layout and card embellishments. These would make some pretty cute Halloween party invitations and decorations as well. For an introduction to our Project Patterns concept and instructions on using the files, please visit last month's Project Pattern release.

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