Thanksgiving Globe Place Cards

Set one of these at each guest's plate with their name on it, or make a giant one that says Happy Thanksgiving for a decoration. When shaken, the leaves in the globe will move around and fall from the tree.

Just a Bunch of Turkey’s ...

There is just something about the personality of these turkeys as they come to life on this 2-page scrapbook layout that will have you laughing out loud as you make it!

Gratitude Pop Up Card

This Pumpkin Pop Up Card is beautiful on the front and is extra special on the inside. It is a special way of showing your gratitude. There is no mistaking the special attention you put into making this card!

Harvest Spread

The way food is presented has a huge effect on how we perceive it to taste.It may all be in our heads but we simply cannot help that a wonderful looking spread makes us believe it is also a wonderful tasting spread. Well we may not be able to help you with the cooking part, for that you are on your own! But we can help you with making your harvest feast look amazing!

Faux Paper Piecing

I love Paper Piecing. It adds such wonderful dimension and character to a design. In fact, Pazzles began as a company that sold Paper Piecing patterns. I designed Paper Piecing characters and themes and sold the printed pattern. You then traced the pattern onto paper and cut the pieces out by hand. Goodness, that seems like ages ago, so slow and primative! The Inspiration electronic cutter has made the process so much easier by eliminating the tedious hand cutting. Still, there are times I would like to speed the process up even more. That is when I like to use a trick I call Faux Paper Piecing.

Thanksgiving Turkey Boxes

I love these silly little turkeys which stand up on their own and open up to reveal a box inside. I find it hard to refrain from smiling every time I look at them. What a fun way to decorate for Thanksgiving!

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