10 Things I Love About You Mini Album

10 Things I Love About ...

A simple, creative album that is not overly girly. The perfect way to share photos and the 10 reasons you love someone.

Jeep Shaped Card

A jeep shape card perfect for the automobile-fanatic or military person in your life!

Formal Suit Card

A fancy formal suit card that is can be used for a wedding, formal event, or any time you need the perfect masculine card.

Father's Day Pocket Knife Gift Box

Pocket Knife Gift Box

This army knife box includes blades and a corkscrew that actually pull out of the knife, just like the real thing. Open up to reveal space for a small gift or giftcard!

Candy Bar Wrappers

Father’s Day Candy Wrappers

Dads wear lots of shirts, and sometimes many different ones in a single day. These candy wrappers include a flannel shirt, suit and tie, scrubs and a t-shirt you can customize for whatever your dad is into.

Baseball themed party cutting collection. We've included baseball favors, baseball banners, baseball invitations and more.

Baseball Team Party Collection

The Baseball Team Party Cutting Collection makes it easy to throw a fabulous baseball themed party for any fan, big or small. This fun collection is perfect for an actual end of year team party, or use it for a birthday or Father's Day party.

Monkey themed birthday party with toy monkey cutting files

Monkey Business Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

This Monkey Business Cutting Collection made me smile. They make me think of giggly, horsing around fun. Of course that lead me to thinking about birthday parties and kids running around like monkeys. So, why not a monkey themed birthday party? Though I chose to paper piece my little monkeys, I could have easily print and cut them if I was having a larger party. It’s also amazing to me how you can take a very plain gift bag and make it look fantastic! I used the stationary box for the goody bag base. Since I wrapped the monkey’s arms around the bag I added the white part of his arms to the backside so they would show on the front. I adjusted the size of the monkeys for the cupcake toppers and just added a toothpick to the back.

Typography Based Layout

Giant Number Scrapbook Overlay

I’m always looking for different ways to set up my scrapbook layouts. While walking through the Expo I always see cute word frames that cost a lot of money. Well, you know and I know, it’s just paper. I started with my Inspiration Studio Pro software and found a font that had a little chunk to it. I typed a number 1 and then drew lines to give some separation for pictures. Then I added an outline and thickened all the lines. With a quick push of the WYSIWYG button I had a file which I then saved in a WPC format.

Sushi Cards and Take-Out Gift ...

I get a kick out of the local coffee shops here in downtown Boise. I love when they have the gift shops attached so you can walk around sipping and shopping. The gifts are generally simple, and I always enjoy reading the silly greeting cards you can purchase. It’s always something unique you can’t find anywhere else. Do you ever notice when you’re out and about, that something will catch your eye that’s completely out of character for you to make, or buy, but you love it anyway? I noticed some simple greeting cards with basic shapes and sayings and it made me think, I should try creating something outside of my comfort zone.

Make Your Own Comic Book

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Archie and Friends. I loved racing to the mailbox on Friday after school to get my comic book. It got me thinking about some silly pictures I have and how some of the photos deserve to have a timeline story told about them. Maybe you have a series of photos start to finish; like teenagers getting ready for prom, cute proposals, funny wedding parties. There’s bound to be some treasurable memories with some noteworthy stories. Create captions and headings for your photographs and have fun sharing your comical life adventures in your own comic book series..

Cool Cars Cutting Collection

A dimensional car collection inspired by small town summer parades where all the classic cars roll down the street as the crowd cheers and waves. Includes 6 three-dimensional cars and assembly instructions!

DIY Mustache Wrapping Paper

Designing your own digital papers using your software is incredible easy! Make a great wrapping paper with matching card with mustaches or any designs you want!

Fishing Pole

The reel on this fishing pole pulls apart and is a box where you can tuck a small gift. Attach sweet notes from the kids on the back of each fish, or use them for candy or gift cards.

Paper Necktie

This paper tie project might just be the perfect way to do more than just create cute cards and layouts—you can wear your designs too! Have fun making this simple sentiment of love and send dad off to work in style.

Father’s Day Coupon Card

This card has a little pocket on the inside of the card to hold special coupons for dad. You can have your little ones create their own coupons using the pieces you cut out or go and print them out from the many different places that have them on the internet.

Tech Bytes Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

Whether you are a fan of the latest and greatest smart phone, or still embracing the floppy disk, this technology inspired collection has it all. We've made sure to include something for every type of project in this Tech Bytes Cutting Collection. If you are a card maker, scrapbooker, or lover of dimensional boxes and projects, you'll find something that will delight your inner geek. Make something special for the computer whisperer in your life. The title in this collection would be fun for t-shirt designs when cut out of Pazzles Iron-On Material.

Candy Bowties

Candy Filled Bow Ties for ...

My dad is a hard man to give gifts to. He really doesn't have any hobbies besides reading and attending all of his grand kids sporting events. Nothing themed ever fits the bill for his gifts. He doesn't hunt, fish, golf or do any of the other manly things fathers do. As a result he usually gets a new book or two and a treat for every major holiday. I've learned you really can't go wrong with candy. And although my dad doesn't wear bow ties either, this year he's getting his candy with a bit of style. There are two versions of today's project. The first is a simple tag to attach to a bag of candy. I've included tags sized for both the larger bags of candy and the individual sized bags.

Paper Airplanes

Fly Away With Me Paper ...

It’s about time for me to take a little trip, so I couldn’t resist making these cute little paper planes. It will be a nice touch to add a little note to each plane and remind my girlfriends how excited I am for a weekend getaway. This project is perfect for a mobile or to hang the planes from the ceiling using clear fishing line to create the illusion you have pilots flying above your head. They’re bound to fly come rain or shine so sit back, enjoy the flight, and get ready for takeoff.

Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection: ...

My son loved his little cars when he was younger. He always pretended the cars were driving really fast and the police pulled them over. He played with them almost every day, and we rarely left the house without at least one in his pocket. But this too shall pass…ho hum. We recently cleaned out his toy box and I found all his beloved cars at the very bottom. He was hesitant to get rid of them but he also said, “I don’t really play with them anymore”. So when I saw the Need 4 Speed Cutting Collection I knew right away what I was going to do with it! I purchased a 12x12 shadow box, took the back off, laid it face down and filled it with his most favorite cars. I used vinyl to cut the files out, layering them as I went and applied it to the glass front of the shadow box. He was so happy and even got a little sentimental when I gave it to him. I hope it provokes those feelings every time he sees it.

Barrel Of Monkeys Birthday Banner

The best projects in my opinion are the ones that have the biggest impact, but don’t take a lot of time to create. That’s just the kind of project this is. These cute monkeys make a great card or party banner for any event. I’m sure you have a favorite monkey in mind who would go bananas to receive it, so get to it!

Cut And Paste Sketches: Away ...

Maybe it's the seven straight days of rain, or the sight of my dead yard, but I am itching to go someplace sunny and warm. It likely won't be happening soon, but hopefully I'll eventually have the perfect pictures for this layout. For now I'll have to look through photos of past vacations and dream of flip flops and beach towels. If a vacation is not in your near future, switch out the airplane for another embellishment and use it for pictures of a busy little boy or a family day trip. The bottom of this layout is created by folding the long scored strips into pleats and then gluing them together.

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