Gone Fishing Cutting Collection

Gone Fishing Cutting Collection

My family is a full of fishermen. They live for fly fishing, and spend many free hours trying to catch the biggest fish. I was so thrilled when Tatum designed the Gone Fishing Cutting Collection, and I put them right to good use making gifts for the fishermen in my life. This masculine themed cutting collection features all the pieces of a fisherman's hobby and will make creating cards and gifts for men a breeze.

DIY Paper Sailboats Floating Paper Toy Boats On the Sand

Floating Paper Sailboats

These cute boats would be perfect way to keep kids entertained. Race them across a pool, or out on the creek. Not only are they simple to assemble but you can create several in no time!

‘I Moustache You a Question’ ...

Recently, during one of Klo's Classroom Tutorials, she showed us how to create cascade cards using Inspiration Studio software. The Cascade Card cutting file was added to the Pazzles Craft Room as well. I love the 3D card and was keen to have a go myself and create a card for my husband who used to have a moustache in the early days of our marriage. Cards for men are so difficult to make and I wanted this card to have a fun element to it.

Sunday Golf Collection

Sunday Golf Club Cutting Collection

Tatum recently spent a Sunday on the golf course and had such a great time she couldn't get golfing off her mind. Her day of fun, learning a new skill, resulted in a new bonus collection for the Craft Room. Introducing the Sunday Golf Club Cutting Collection with all of the bits and pieces familiar to seasoned golfers and novices alike.

Make Dad’s Day Special with ...

Most of us want to make the cards we give to anyone in our family as special as we possibly can. I often am told that cards for Dad can be a challenge. Maybe it is because we are trying to say so much in one little card, or maybe we want the message to be unique and not silly or trivial. Whatever the reason, it seems that no card will ever say it all.

Father’s Day Tool Belt, Part ...

Thanks for creating along with us this week as we build our Father's Day Tool Belt. Today is the final set of tools: a hammer, screwdriver, level and two pencils. These images are simply cut out and pieced together, simple as that!

Father’s Day Tool Belt, Part ...

No tool set is complete without a measuring tape, and what could be better than a candy-filled one? It may not actually be able to serve its purpose as a measuring device but it will make dad smile when he sees it clipped to the Fathers Day Tool Belt. Instructions are included with this part of the project because the measuring tape requires some assembly.

Father’s Day Tool Belt, Part ...

Today you begin to fill the pockets of Dad's tool belt by spelling the word D-A-D using common tools that every Dad can recognize. Make the treat even better by backing each tool with one of his favorite candies. A sweet treat for a sweet guy, what father can resist that message?

Father’s Day Tool Belt

This week we are focusing on the men in our lives with a tool belt gift set. Each day this week we will add another element to the belt and by the weekend your belt will be complete and ready for gift giving.

Camp Out Smores Group

Camp Out Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

Introducing our latest Cutting Collection, Camp Out. This outdoorsy collection features nine paper pieced images and titles plus a dimensional Sleeping Bag Invitation. Use this Collection to create designs for a camping themed party, a family reunion, or cards and gifts for your favorite outdoorsman. Once the adventures are over, document your memories and your photos on a scrapbook layout.

Gone Fishing Snack and Drink ...

Summer to me means camping, fishing and plenty of sunshine. The best place to find all three is down on the lake enjoying the day with friends and catching sun rays on the boat. Maybe you are lucky enough to enjoy tropical beaches where you live.  If so, your friends here at Pazzles are very jealous!

Find Your Style, Part 1: ...

Do you have a favorite paper crafter that always catches your eye? Someone who's style is enviable and you can recognize their work in a lineup of projects? In the next few months we will be highlighting different styles in our Goodie Bag posts. We'll identify several of the most popular styles and help you to discover your own personal style. We'll offer tips to make your style stand out and maybe inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Today we are talking Vintage and Shabby Chic style. This style is defined as soft, aged, weathered and used. Its beauty lies in the reuse of old, aged items whether they are truly vintage or modern replicas.

Graduation Week: Three Special Gift ...

We've spent the past few days sharing ideas for money cards with you and today we are wrapping up Graduation week with a set of three gift boxes perfect for jewelry, gift cards, candy, or any small gift.

Graduation Week: Wallet Money and ...

Need a clever way to display money or a gift card for your grad? This money holder wallet will be their favorite fashion accessory once it's filled with a gift card or money to spend at their favorite store. No matter how you decide to send your grad off into the world to live their dreams, I hope that a little extra spending cash from their own wallet is just the thing they need.

Sport Gift Boxes Cutting Collection

A collection of 10 sports themed boxes. Each features a tab and slot closure hidden behind the ball topper, and a coordinating smaller image for the front of the box. Add the athlete's jersey number or name to personalize it just a bit more.

For My Dad Balsa Cork Duct Tape Card on mat

Save money by cutting your ...

Natural materials are all the rage right now. Cork, canvas, and wooden accents and embellishments are popping up all over. One of the best things about the Inspiration electronic die cutter is that you can cut a lot of these thicker materials yourself!

Football Party

Are you ready for some Football? You will be with our Party CD! The Football Party can be customized for any teams, any level, be it high school, college, or professional. Just switch out the letters and the colors to root for your home team.

Pop-Up Window Cards Cutting Collection: ...

What do owls, igloos, and moustaches have in common? The answer is our newest WPC, AI, and SVG Cutting Collection: Pop-Up Window Cards. This collection contains eight unique pop-up cards with sentiments and little scenes for the windows. Chris and I loved making this collection for you and I hope you will love using it.

Fictional Character Valentines

Fictional Character Valentines

I couldn't resist just one more Valentine's Day idea for today's 15 Minute Project. Although this Valentine is a bit more time-consuming than the Classroom Valentines, it is still well within 15 minutes. Choose just a few special children in your lives and make personalized Valentines using the paper piecing characters in our Fantasy > Fictional Characters album in the Craft Room Library. The cast of characters you will find there include princesses, fighters, adventurers, super heroes, wizards and many more.

You’re the Bomb

Bomb with a pixy stick or pencil fuse. Perfect for boys or girls and is so simple to assemble that the kids can help.

Chain of Love

Chain of Love

For all those crushes and special someones in our lives who truly sink our hearts, this ball and chain is the perfect Valentine. It can be mass produced for a classroom, or made just for that one and only, special Valentine.

Monster Finger Puppet

Monster Finger Puppets

This nice little monster comes with three separate "monster" sentiments which can be attached to the Valentine. Take off the sentiment and play with the monster finger puppet or use the holes for candy or a pencil.

Easy Classroom Valentine Ideas

Chocolate Robot

Got boys? This little robot Valentine is sure to please the little boys in your life. Plus it is so quick and easy to put together it is sure to delight moms too.

Tie Tag

Father’s day is just right around the corner. Maybe you celebrate by enjoying a family BBQ or by hitting dad’s favorite burger joint. Whatever your plans are for the big day, mark dads favorite beverage with a tie tag and let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

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