Party Favors

Paper Hula Girl Bobble

Aloha fellow Pazzlers! Does anyone you know have one of those Hawaiian girl bobbles on their car dashboard? My grandparents did, and I played with it every time I got in their car. I just loved watching her swing back and forth with every bump in the road. Because of those memories I knew the very first time I saw the Hawaiian Girl file that it needed to be a bobble!! She is so cute! This little hula girl is learning her native dance with the help of an Action Wobble Spring. Her base is actually the Glamour Girl Compact Box so it can hold secret treasures. She is sitting on my desk and every time I sit down to work I have to give her a little tap so I can watch her do her dance.

Candy Bowties

Candy Filled Bow Ties for ...

My dad is a hard man to give gifts to. He really doesn't have any hobbies besides reading and attending all of his grand kids sporting events. Nothing themed ever fits the bill for his gifts. He doesn't hunt, fish, golf or do any of the other manly things fathers do. As a result he usually gets a new book or two and a treat for every major holiday. I've learned you really can't go wrong with candy. And although my dad doesn't wear bow ties either, this year he's getting his candy with a bit of style. There are two versions of today's project. The first is a simple tag to attach to a bag of candy. I've included tags sized for both the larger bags of candy and the individual sized bags.

Graduation Shrinky Dink Charms

Graduation is a wonderful time in one’s life. I thought I would make it more special by adding a little something to the basic graduation cap, and what’s more fun than charms. Inspired by the Charms video in the Building on the Basics section, I knew dangles or charms would be just the ticket. I remembered playing with shrinky dinks as a child so this craft also brought back fond memories. First I found two files in the Craft Room Graduate Photo Booth Hat and Hashtag 2014. I then used the replace by segment tool to draw a line to finish the cap and eliminate the graduate part since I just wanted a simple cap. I then used the techniques I learned in the video to make the cap and the hashtag into charms. I resized them to about to 7" for the cap and 9" for the hashtag.

Paper Ice Cream Truck Box ...

Your kids might be watching TV or in the middle of a meal, but as soon as they hear the music of an ice cream truck they drop everything and go running to find it. I remember doing the same thing when I was little. It was a thrill to chase that truck down the street whether I had any money or not. With fond memories of the ice cream truck of her childhood, Klo created an adorable little Ice Cream Truck Box that opens up on top to hold sweet treats.

Clothespin Puppets

I was sitting in church a few weeks ago and giggling about how hard it was for the little kids to sit quietly. It’s hard to be a little person in a big kid world. I remember packing snack bags of cheerios and goldfish to keep my daughter entertained through Sunday service. I would take a much different approach with little ones now that I have a Pazzles Inspiration. I came up with these little clothespin character puppets to help keep little hands busy. This is a great way to take existing cutting files in the Craft Room and turn them into puppets too. Have fun!

DIY Dimensional Flowers

I love springtime, as there are such pretty flowers to admire bursting into bloom. Also, there are some beautiful cutting files in the Craft Room Library that can be teamed up with pretty floral papers to create a lovely 3D project. Today I have used the Banner Box cutting file in the Pazzles Library for my gift box. I have cut this out using pretty floral paper. Remember you can resize the box smaller or larger using your Pazzles software. I also resized the banner overlay to make a smaller banner in coordinating paper as a background for my flower. I was browsing through the Tips and Tricks section in the Craft Room and came across a blog post, Dimensional Flowers. I watched the accompanying video tutorial on how to create 3D Flowers which includes several cutting files for you to use.

Gold Nugget Sucker Covers

Make these golden nugget sucker covers for your friends and family and celebrate St. Patty's day in perfectly green fashion. Let them know how lucky they are you love them.

Butterfly Pops Party Favor

Today I have made a quick 15 minute project, a Butterfly Lollipop Holder using my Pazzles Inspiration. I love butterflies and when I saw this 3-D Butterfly in the Craft Room Library, I just knew I would be using it for one of my projects. I imported the file into my Pazzles software and deselected some of the layers, as I wanted to use a combination of different patterned papers. I duplicated the butterfly and set it to one side. Taking the first imported butterfly I deleted all the layers except the largest base layer.

Glamour Girl Collection: WPC, AI ...

As a young girl I used to love to sneak into my grandma's bathroom and look at all of her old fashioned Avon perfume bottles. She had so many of them with just a drop or two of perfume left in them. I didn't dare pick them up, but I would run my fingers over the edges to try and pick up some of the scent. Her old fashioned vanity set seemed so glamorous to me. We've named this pretty paper vanity set Glamour Girl and hope it will inspire you to create for the glamour girls in your own life!

Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Tic tac toe game valentine. Put a personalized note inside with the Xs and Os and tuck the heart shaped tab closure to close the envelope.

Treat Cups

Heart Treat Cup

This fun little cup is very quick and easy to make. You just need to fold and glue, then add a special treat. I chose to use just a solid card stock and then use twine to put the tag on.

Welcome 2014 Party Hat

Happy New Year to all my fellow Pazzler’s. It has been a challenging year for me, as I have been a Pazzles Design Team Member for the best part of the 2013. I have learnt so much about being part of a Design Team, but more importantly I have learnt so much more about my Pazzles Inspiration and capability of the software. It has been an enjoyable creative journey and I hope those of you that have received a new Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter from Santa, will share your creative journey with fellow Pazzler’s here in the Pazzles Craft Room.

New Year's Midnight Countdown Bags

New Years Party Collection

Tatum has designed yet another adorable collection and as soon as I saw it I knew just what I would make with it. The New Years Party Collection has everything you need to ring in the New Year and then record the memories. I have small children and this year my niece will be joining us for the night. I've created party bags for every hour, that the kids can open and then complete the activity. I used the images from the New Years Party Collection to decorate my bags and then added numbers to represent the time the bag should be opened. I think my kids will love this and as an added bonus, maybe the "How much longer?" questions will be fewer. You can fill your bags with whatever activities you'd like to suit the ages of children (or adults) you are entertaining.

New Year's Party Blower

New Years DIY Party Blowers

Another fresh year is right around the corner. What is your resolution for the coming new year? Bring in the new year with your guests using these cute party blowers and fun straws covered in washi tape. The countdown starts now, so be ready and have your favors assembled and ready to go.

Pazzles Express Train Day 11: ...

All aboard the Pazzles Express! An emergency stop... neither here nor there. The Pazzles Express Conductor has lost his hat. As the silent snow fell gently around the train he leaned out the window to catch a snowflake on his tongue. Whoosh went his hat and we've sent out a team of explorers to find it. Join us for 12 days as we take you on a Christmas adventure through the wintry world of Pazzles Christmas land. Hand over your boarding passes and hop aboard! For all the little conductors that are having fun playing with the Pazzles Express, here is a little hat that will put them in perfect conductor spirit. Chooo Chooo!!

Thanksgiving Headbands

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Headbands

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. It begins around the table with generations of love, delicious recipes and the memories of times past. A tradition we had growing is up is that all the children in the family sat at the kids table. I loved that it was set exactly like the grownup's table, except a miniature version just for us.

Thanksgiving Table Collection: WPC, AI ...

Before you start making your holiday pies, use our recipe for an adorable paper pie. The Thanksgiving Table Cutting Collection features eight different place card ideas that will impress your Thanksgiving guests. Make a table full of turkey legs or a different place card for each guest. The Thanksgiving Table Collection also makes a great kids craft activity while dinner is being made. However you choose to use this sweet set, the miniature dimensionals may just upstage the turkey.

Halloween Eyeball Box

I got my eye on you! Are your Halloween treat boxes made yet? If not, this is a quick and easy treat box to make at the last minute. I only used two files to make it. The Round Box File and the Eyeball Card cutting file. I cut and assembled the round treat box as is. I enlarged the eye part of the eyeball card so the circle of the eyeball covered the top flap of the round box. Then I just glued the eye on the top of the box. Draw in the white reflection mark on the black circle part of the eyeball with a white gel pen.

Halloween Characters Treat Boxes

I’m always looking for some sort of treat box or gift to give out as party favors, or small gifts to my neighbors or the teachers and staff at my kid’s school. These treat boxes fit the bill perfectly! They were made using the Soda Can box file for the base, and the faces from the Witch, Frankenstein, Dracula, Lil Blue Monster, Mummy and the scar for Frankenstein from the Franky and Friends cutting file. All of these files can be found in the Craft room for reference.

Halloween Costume Ribbons

Halloween Costume Party Ribbons

I've mentioned before that I host a Halloween party for all of my extended family every year and costumes are requested but not required. I love to see what people come up with when choosing their attire for the night, and there have been many clever ideas over the years. At the end of the night I select a few people for the costume awards and I like to have a big ribbon to pin on their chest. This year I made my awards bigger and better with layers and layers of Doodlebug Designs papers and the Patriotic Ribbon file.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Collection

There's no tea party like a Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Impress your guests with this crazy fun collection and throw a party no one will ever forget.

Top Hat Gable Treat Box

Sometimes a cute package can make all the difference. A plate of cookies is a delightful gift, but a stack of cookies tied up with string, and placed in a decorated container is an entirely new level of gifting! With 5000+ images in the Craft Room Library and a machine that can turn a piece of plain cardstock into a box, you are never going to run out of adorable gift wrapping options.

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