10 Things I Love About You Mini Album

10 Things I Love About ...

A simple, creative album that is not overly girly. The perfect way to share photos and the 10 reasons you love someone.

Antique Lock Mini Album Cutting Files

Treasured Memories Antique Lock Mini ...

We've spent the week talking about favorite things. Now it's your turn to make something pretty centered around your favorite things. This antique lock mini album can hold all of your favorite memories and will be a treasured keepsake. I love all things vintage and I tried to incorporate that look into this project. I used several layers of ink on my album cover to make the paper look antiqued. The Pazzles Pen Tool and the metallic papers I used also added a few extra details that make this album one of a kind. I'd love to fill this album with happy childhood memories and give it to my mom for her birthday. I can cut as many additional pages as I need if I'm feeling inspired to keep going.

12 Page Mini Album and ...

Hello crafty friends, Melin here with you today sharing this mini album box set. I started by creating the box. It's very easy to do. You can watch the Making Boxes with Lids video in the Craft Room that shows you how easy it is to do. Once I came up with my box size, I created the pages inside. I made twenty four sides, 12 pages, double sided. The box base and page base are all from kraft cardstock.

Hopes and Dreams Journal

Hopes and Dreams Journal

With every new year there's a quest to learn something new, adopt healthy habits, and start setting new goals. It's nice to have a place that you can write down your thoughts, motivational quotes, and keep track of what you plan to accomplish. I purchased this Wexford Composition Book 9.75" x 7.5" for under $3.00 at my local Walgreens store. I loved the fact that I can decorate it with my favorite paper line, and take advantage of all the scraps I collect. It's a great way to use up fibers too, and leave bits and pieces hanging from the pages. The busier, the better, and the ideas are endless!

Make Your Own Comic Book

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Archie and Friends. I loved racing to the mailbox on Friday after school to get my comic book. It got me thinking about some silly pictures I have and how some of the photos deserve to have a timeline story told about them. Maybe you have a series of photos start to finish; like teenagers getting ready for prom, cute proposals, funny wedding parties. There’s bound to be some treasurable memories with some noteworthy stories. Create captions and headings for your photographs and have fun sharing your comical life adventures in your own comic book series..

Haunted Mini Album

A haunted mini album with 8 unique pages that layer together for a fun complete look when the album is closed. Several of the pages have special folds or pockets so you can really pack this album full of photos too! Detailed instructions included!

Mini Baby Album

Baby Mini Album

It's been a while since my babies were actual babies, but I get invited to lots of baby showers. I love to celebrate babies, and I love to tuck something handmade in with my gift. This mini album makes the perfect little something and can be customized in so many ways. Add a picture each month for baby's first year and give it to grandma for a brag book, or keep it as a memento for yourself. Switch it up and create only nine of the pages, so the mom to be can document her growing belly month by month. The mini album set includes tabbed pages and numbers up to 12 to add to the tabs. The Craft Room is full of baby themed cutting files, but I've included just a few more to use while embellishing the album. There is no right or wrong way to decorate this, just adjust it to fit your needs and have fun decorating each page.

Cut And Paste Sketches: Away ...

Maybe it's the seven straight days of rain, or the sight of my dead yard, but I am itching to go someplace sunny and warm. It likely won't be happening soon, but hopefully I'll eventually have the perfect pictures for this layout. For now I'll have to look through photos of past vacations and dream of flip flops and beach towels. If a vacation is not in your near future, switch out the airplane for another embellishment and use it for pictures of a busy little boy or a family day trip. The bottom of this layout is created by folding the long scored strips into pleats and then gluing them together.

Christmas Tree Mini Albums

When I started this project, I had planned on just one mini tree album. As I went a long, I ended up with two completely different ideas and decided to do them both for you. They can be used as a last minute gift or add your own photos and enjoy them throughout the holiday season. Both albums are fairly quick and easy. You can add as much or as little embellishment as you want.

Document December Cutting Collection

Every year about this time I start thinking about creating a holiday mini album. Several years ago Ali Edwards started a great tradition of the December Daily album which has become wildly popular in the scrapbooking world. If you have never heard of a December Daily album, the idea is that you create a mini album during the month of December documenting all of your holiday celebrations and the little details of every day in December. I love the idea, but inevitably I find myself still thinking about the project well into December, and then I feel like I am too far behind to start. With my procrastinating self in mind I decided to get started early, and came up with our latest collection.

Candy Corn Mini Album

This Candy Corn Mini Album has been on my mind ever since I did the Watermelon Mini Album.  I have always said the watermelon could easily become a  candy corn.  So, I took that album and made some adjustments to create this fun little album.  Whether you want to use this for Halloween photos or just some fun fall photos, this will be the perfect fit for you.

Purse Photo Folio

I modified the Purse Box to make it into a mini photo display that I could sit on my work desk to remind me of my recent wonderful trip to London.

Castle Mini Album

Princess Castle Scrapbook Mini Album

The approaching arrival of the royal baby in the UK has me thinking of castles, crowns, and princesses. If you have a little princess at your house, then today's project is sure to be a big hit. This album features seven shaped pages and would make an adorable scrapbook mini album or baby shower advice book. I added several blank pages to the center of mine so it can serve as a little girl's wishes and dreams journal. The beauty of this album as a cutting file, rather than a pre-made album is that you can make as many additional pages as you need to suit the purpose.

Mother’s Day Photo Flip Mini ...

No gift warms a mother's heart as much as photos of her family. It doesn't matter if she is 24 or 74 years of age, memories of loved ones are very precious. Today's tutorial will show you how to make a Precious Memories card that holds 8 photos as a special gift for Mother's Day.

Our Home Mini Album

National Scrapbook Day Party Hour ...

Thank you so much for spending the day with us! We hope we've inspired you to fall in love with your Inspiration all over again and make some beautiful projects. Here is your final challenge!

How To Build Your Own ...

In preparation for my Israel trip I made a collector's album. Last week I showed you what I had created and it generated a lot of great comments. Thank you! :) This week I am going into the Inspiration Studio software to show you how I altered the tabbed divider file I found in the Craft Room Library.

Open Junk Journal

Create a Collector’s Album Using ...

Last week in my Just Chatting blog, I talked about my upcoming trip to Israel. I mentioned that I was a great collector of memorabilia but that I rarely had time to scrap after I go home. This time I want to scrap-on-the-go using some sort of collector's album or junk journal. Many of you commented on the blog and I have some really great ideas! Thank you!

Fancy Frames and Tags Album

Fancy Frames and Tags Cutting ...

I enjoy creating tags for gifts and cards to match. With the Fancy Frames and Tags Cutting Collection you get to combine both and have a matching mini album as well. You’ll have fun taking these coordinating tag shapes and turning them in to a book you can add your own embellishments and photographs to. The cards and frames can be used with the album or on their own.

3-Ring Album Pocket Card Keeper Pages

3-Ring Card Keeper Pocket Album

I often give sets of handmade cards as gifts. While a set of cards is beautiful tied up in ribbon, I think today's project will make the gift of handmade cards just a bit more special. This Card Keeper Pocket Album can be customized in a variety of ways. Add as many pocket pages as you'd like and change out the category tabs to match your needs.

Monthly Flip Calendar

January is the month of new beginnings and organization. That usually means you need a few new calendars around the house. This pretty flip calendar will add a designer flair to your office or craft room.

Schoolhouse Mini Album (or Wedding ...

Over the last few weeks, I have been watching my friends post over on Facebook their first day of school pictures. It has been especially fun to see those that have seniors, because they are posting both the very first day of school ever photos, along with first day of senior year. As I have been seeing these photos, it really got me more excited about this weeks project of the Schoolhouse Mini Album. As I worked on this album, I also realized, it could very easily become a church. What a great way to display some of your favorite wedding day photos, or what about a baptism or confirmation?

Watermelon Mini Album

Watermelon Mini Album

Summertime is the time for picnics, family reunions, BBQs, etc. and with those events, there is almost always my favorite VEGETABLE and FRUIT (yes, it is considered by many to be both)... WATERMELON. In addition to loving the way it tastes, I love the memories that are attached to it for me from my youth. Whether it was putting it in a net and tying it off so we could put it in the river to keep it cold, or the actual first time I got to see a watermelon bust (they actually dropped it in the middle of the table and it made a yummy mess) or making watermelon balls for grandma's salad. I have always associated watermelon with summertime fun.

Describing Dad / Honoring the ...

Father’s Day cards tend to be either funny or sentimental and often the meaning is lost on young children. Cards for the graduate become one of many that are quickly discarded and forgotten. This week’s lesson shows you how to make a meaningful word book as a card for a grad or dad. The Grad card becomes a special memento of a milestone in the young person’s life by including pictures and copies of the graduation announcements, programs and school logo. The book has plenty of pockets to tuck a gift card or money and include pictures of favorite moments at school. The word books shown are a variation of the traditional word book and are a little less complicated to create.

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