True Type Journaling Fonts

Posted by on Apr. 12

Journaling Fonts

I love to use journaling fonts with my pen tool, embossing tool, engraving tool and occasionally my distressing tool. In addition to the journaling fonts that come with the Inspiration Software, I also like to use true type fonts on occasion.

Some of the things I look for are the width and size of the font. Some fonts are very thin and may not cut well, but they are wonderful for use with the pen tool. One thing to keep in mind is the type of pen you use. Some pens have fatter nibs, others are thin. You will find that they will give you different looks depending on the how thin the font is. Experiment with different pen sizes if you are not sure of the look you want. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the different looks you can get with the same font. Keep in mind that as you get larger with the font, you will have more of an open look on your font. This is why experimenting with pen nibs is helpful.

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How to Cut Multi Layered Projects

Posted by on Oct. 03

While this may not be an exciting addition to your skill set, it is an important aspect of using your Inspiration Studio Software. Taking apart your file and then putting it back together again can seem overwhelming with large layered projects. This video walks you through the steps and gives you some great tips.


It is funny how we can so clearly see the way a finished scrapbook page is put together. There is a bottom layer which is usually a full sheet of cardstock. Then there is another large layer: maybe a scalloped circle. Over that is a title with a mat: 2 more layers. The title has a flourish; there are some cute flowers and leaves and frames for holding photos. It is layer over layer that we have no problem understanding.

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Split Letter Monograms

Posted by on Sep. 26

SplitLetterMonogramBlog copy

Have you noticed all of the amazing projects that are using Split Letter Monograms? I have seen them on wedding invitations, as wall art, on mirrors and for decorating glass candle holders, to name just a few. Although they look complicated, they are not difficult to make. The Inspiration Studio Software makes it so easy that hardest part is choosing the font!

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How to Use Center Line Vectorization

Posted by on Sep. 19

Today’s tutorial features Center Line Vectorization which is one of many vectorizing, or auto-tracing tools, in the Inspiration Studio Software. You may not even know it exists and yet, you really should become familiar with it. It will help you convert clipart to single-stroke line art. Then you can use it in Pen Tool designs, piercing and rhinestone projects.

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Personal Path Crop Gets Rid of Those Unwanted Lines

Posted by on Sep. 12

PersonalPathCroppingWebFrom time to time, I revisit a feature in the Inspiration Studio Software that I do not use often. Sometimes, I discover that it is even more useful and amazing than I had originally realized. I love it when that happens! Today’s feature is one of those “wow!” moments. The Personal Path Cropping feature is truly a time saver and I will be using it frequently from now on.

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