Aloha Scrapbook Page

I love the way a scrapbook page can take us back every time we look at it.  Or the page has the same ability to take a person on the journey who was not there to begin with.  I have always wanted to go somewhere tropical like Hawaii or St Maarten.  With winter just around the corner and our fall being colder than ever I look for comfort and warmth in those past photographs and scrapbook pages.  This week’s fabulous find is a scrapbook page that does just that. Sue Reynolds’s Aloha collection is so warm and inviting that you feel like you are really there. It makes me want to put on my paper lei and have the hot sun on my face and sand under my feet.  I love the fact that the scrapbook page is built from the photo. The decorative edge around the 12×12 page is so neat and is such an easy to do task in the software. It adds special touch of uniqueness to your page.  Sue’s paper lei that compliments the page is so real it looks like actual flowers strung together. This project proves how versatile paper is and how it can be used  in so many different ways. I think you would agree with me that these projects have made such a good use of paper and colors!

Congratulations to Sue Reynolds for a fabulous project.




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3 thoughts on “Aloha Scrapbook Page

  • Victoria Kee

    Wow Sue! This is so pretty. It brings back such pleasant memories. I love everything about it. You were courageous in cutting the picture into a mat….very nice idea! Were these all cut flowers?! Did you die them? Such talent!


  • Sue Reynolds

    Yes the flowers around the photo layout were all from my garden…real plumerias gave me my inspiration for the whitewash paper lei and page layout! Thank You!