Missing Tool Bars!


          Have you ever accidentally closed a tool bar and cannot figure out how to get it back again? I often get calls over missing toolbars. They are really easy to bring back up as long as you know where to look! Here’s how to bring up the different tool bars in your software. In the Inspiration Studio software, go up to the View drop down menu at the top of your screen and then down to Tool Bars. A new window will open and you will see that there are several tool bars to choose from. The ones I recommend having opened in the software are your Standard, Selection, Zoom, Tools, and Clip Art tool bars.

            I answer emails and calls daily on where to locate the Basic Functions Bar. These are the colorful icons that run down the right side of your screen and give you short cuts to the Image Gallery, Shapes, and Cutting Control Panel. Although this tool bar is called your Basic Functions, you are able to bring it up on your screen by making sure you have Clip Art selected from your list of tool bars. That can be a tricky one to miss. It’s also a great tip to write in the back of your manual for a quick reference the next time that you need it. Hammer

          A great resource to learn about the different icons in your Inspiration Studio software is your manual. To begin learning about the different icons and what they do in your software, turn to page 68 of your user manual to begin reading about the different features. Once you get to know how each tool works and the function it serves for creating your projects. You’ll know how to bring the icons back up and again in the future, and which ones you use more than others. Don’t be afraid to play with and explore all the features in the software. The more time you spend exploring now, the better equipped you will be to make all of your projects later.




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